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Chapter 405: Only by Humiliating Them Severely Would He Alleviate His Resentment

Since Zhou Chengzhe had come looking for trouble, she wouldnt hold back.

With his arrogant personality, he couldnt believe, nor would he admit, that they were more academically capable than him.

He simply dismissed it as good luck instead of them being more academically capable.

Having enjoyed the envy of his classmates and being the teachers pet for so many years, his pride had long been corrupted by vanity and arrogance.

In his eyes, he was number one, and he was extremely smug about it.

Yet now people less capable than him dared to seize the opportunity to make trouble, humiliate, and slander him.

With a huge ego, he was used to being envied and admired by others, so how could he bear this humiliation from people who he thought were inferior to him

So she decided she would teach him a good lesson and show him what being academically crushed felt like and what real humiliation was.

This was the perfect opportunity to clear her and Zhao Yumos names, so they wouldnt have to purposely score lower on exams just out of consideration for him.

It would also let their classmates see clearly that they really had been holding back out of consideration for him.

People like him couldnt appreciate their kindness and could only think that they were treating him as their charity case.

If this was the case, why should they be the bigger people

“Our schools teachers are all biased toward you two.

If they used the schools exam questions, couldnt you two have cheated”

He knew clearly that the schools teachers wouldnt let them cause trouble at this time and affect everyones motivation.

They would definitely use a compromise solution to resolve the situation peacefully.

But this way, nobody would know the truth of the situation.

He just wanted everyone to know that it was impossible for them to keep winning through luck.

Only by humiliating them severely could he alleviate his resentment.

Yun Xi glanced at Zhou Chengzhe and tugged at the corners of her mouth mockingly.

“Although your thoughts might be despicable, dont think that everyone elses thoughts are just as despicable.”

She glanced at Li Sinuo, who was looking on and said calmly, “The biology competition and the English competition are starting soon.

At that time, the competition will be broadcast live, and the participants will be students from various high schools across the country.

There will be a big screen outside to broadcast the competition live.

The entire third years will watch it.

The truth will be there for all to see.”

Yun Xis proposal was just what Zhou Chengzhe had wanted.

He didnt even consider it.

He nodded right away.

“Okay! We will see who can win the school glory! If you lose, you will have to apologize to me in front of all our senior classmates.”

“Okay! If you lose, then you will have to accept the reality.

You will know your place, and we wont be charitable anymore.”

“Dont be so smug.

We dont even know if you have that ability.”

“Then well wait and see.”

Yun Xi narrowed her eyes and smirked.

She caught a glimpse of Li Sinuos triumphant smile, and a cold expression flashed through her eyes.

As soon as school ended at noon, Zhao Yumo came to look for her.

She immediately started lambasting the outrageous Zhou Chengzhe.

“I have officially accepted his challenge.

The truth will come out during the biology competition and the English competition.”

“Well done! This sort of person needs to be taught a lesson.

With everyone kissing up to him, you would really think that he was number one in the world.”

Yun Xi chuckled.

People like Zhou Chengzhe had a deeply ingrained inferiority complex.

Some of their beliefs were deeply rooted and couldnt be changed.

It was like the saying that “it is easier to change mountains and rivers than to alter ones character”.

Ones natural disposition was difficult to change.

“Yumo, you have to work harder.

Dont lose! If we lose, we have to apologize to that ungrateful jerk in front of the entire grade.”

“I know! I never shouldve been sympathetic toward him from the beginning.

This sort of person isnt worthy of sympathy.

If you pity him, hell just think youre humiliating him.”

Jing High School usually rewarded the top student in the grade with a lot of scholarship money, just to encourage students to study hard and elevate the schools prestige.

Zhao Yumos family background was better than that of most ordinary people, so she didnt need the scholarship money, nor did she need to use her grades to bring pride to her parents.

Because for people of her family background, even if their children had poor grades, they would be able to send their children to study abroad.

There was no fear that they wouldnt be able to go to university because of poor grades.

But Zhou Chengzhe was different.

His impoverished background meant that he had to work harder than others in order to achieve success in life.

It was also precisely his impoverished background that caused his extremely low self-esteem.

Along with an extreme arrogance brought about by his excellent grades, when inferiority and arrogance collide, there is always the danger that if something goes wrong, he could lose his rationality.

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