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Chapter 406: Trouble Protecting Even Himself

All sorts of speculation and discussions triggered by the rankings of the English and biology quizzes were heard by each classs homeroom teachers and the biology and English teachers.

They especially heard a lot regarding Zhou Chengzhe challenging Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo directly.

As the third classs homeroom teacher, Teacher Xu had been paying close attention to Yun Xis grades.

She had been taking leaves of absences quite frequently recently, so he was worried that her grades would suffer, but she then unexpectedly had won first place in both subjects.

Her outstanding grades made him feel proud in front of other homeroom teachers.

“Yun Xi, how confident are you in winning this competition”

When her homeroom teacher asked her this, both the English teacher and the biology teacher looked at her nervously.

After all, shed won first place in these quizzes.

If she felt stage fright and wasnt confident, then they would have to tutor her during this time.

Yun Xi glanced at the nervous English teacher and biology teacher and said a little awkwardly, “English isnt a big problem, but I might need to review biologys basics a little more.”

The biology teacher nodded.

“Then you can come to me to get what materials you need, and if you dont understand anything, just ask.”

“Okay, thank you, teacher.”

“As for the first classs Zhou Chengzhe…”

Teacher Xu also felt that Zhou Chengzhe had been in the wrong this time.

He knew his own student, and he knew that her first place definitely hadnt been achieved by cheating.

There were envious people in every class.

Gossip easily leads to misunderstandings.

It was really too inappropriate to aggressively challenge her without evidence.

“Teacher Xu, dont worry.

This wont affect my performance in the competition.

Everyone participates on behalf of the school, so no matter who wins, its for the schools glory.”

As long as she wins, Zhou Chengzhe will suffer shame and stay in third place in the future.

As for who spread the rumors this time, she would know after testing the waters with Li Sinuo.

Teacher Xu said with a relieved expression, “Im glad that you think so!”

Ever since that kidnapping incident, Han Yaotian hadnt shown up anywhere near Yun Xi.

Mu Feichi had said that he was being protected by bodyguards when he traveled now, in case his nemesis turned up.

After getting home from school one day, Yun Xi had just gotten off the bus when she saw a black car driving up the mountain from a distance.

Yun Xi glanced at the back seat, and the figure sitting inside could be vaguely seen through the black car window.

As she took a closer look, even though the car passed by quickly, she could see clearly that it was Han Hongbin.

Going up the mountain at such a time, he probably wanted to see Mu Feichi, didnt he

Mu Feichi had intervened in this matter.

As long as the Crocodile ran free, the Han family wouldnt be at peace.

Coupled with Han Yaotians kidnapping, Han Hongbin had lost the list of a batch of goods worth hundreds of millions.

Crocodiles underlings would definitely seek him out again.

Because the account book hadnt fallen into Crocodiles hands, Crocodiles people would naturally seek out people from the Han family again to settle accounts.

No wonder Han Yaotian hadnt dared approach her lately.

He had trouble protecting even himself at this moment.

Standing on the roadside at the entrance of the villa complex, Yun Xi called Mu Feichi.

Soon, Mu Feichi picked up.

He said in a mellow voice with a teasing tone, “School should have ended for you by now.

Come up to eat.

We have crabs today.”

Upon hearing this, Yun Xi couldnt help rolling her eyes.

“Young Marshal Mu, dont feed me like a pet.”

She wasnt a foodie, so Mu Feichis trick to lure her up the mountain didnt work.

“Well, its getting cold.

Li Zilan and Qi Yuan plan to come up the mountain to eat roasted lamb.

Want to come up and eat with us all”

If crabs werent tempting enough, then hed change the bait.

Yun Xi ignored him and took the opportunity to change the subject.

“I just saw Han Hongbin at the sentry post in his car.

I guess he went up to see you.

We snatched his goods and list, so hes probably trying to rob Peter to pay Paul, but he has to have his guard up against Crocodiles vengeance.

Things probably arent easy for him right now.”

“Why are you worrying about whether or not things are easy for him You should worry about how Im doing.”

“If youre not doing well, the butler will worry about it, so you dont need me worrying! Han Hongbin wanted to see you, probably for information about Crocodile.

Are you going to meet him”

“Do I look like a person with that much free time No! Let them fret about it first.”

“…” He had the time to roast an entire lamb, but no time to meet someone.

All right, Young Marshal Mu was indeed really busy!

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