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Chapter 416: Desperately Fighting over Young Marshal Mu

Although Han Qin was Han Yaotians aunt, she was only four years older than Han Yaotian.

It wasnt uncommon for a wealthy family like the Han family to have a much younger daughter in the family.

Father Han was affluent and powerful, so naturally, there were women willing to have children for him even when he was an old man.

Father Han had had four sons.

Han Yaotians father, Han Hongbin, was the eldest son.

Of course, he would spoil the daughter hed received in his old age.

What intrigued Yun Xi was that Han Qin and Han Wanling both fancied the same man.

Yes, thats right—they both fancied Mu Feichi, the head of the Mu Family Corporation.

In Yun Xis previous life, shed frequently seen them desperately fighting over Young Marshal Mu.

Father Han had suffered many headaches because of them.

One of these women was his eldest granddaughter, and the other was his precious young daughter.

Now, Han Wanling had been sent away.

For Han Qin, it seemed as if the odds were in her favor.

No wonder Han Qin had looked over at her after hearing Yun Xi mention Young Marshal Mu to the manager.

Shed initially thought that shed encountered another love rival, but when shed seen her dishwasher-like appearance, her judgmental eyes became filled with haughty disdain and contempt.

Yun Xi started pondering the situation to herself.

Shed just realized that when dealing with Han Wanling in the future, she didnt need to find someone else to help her.

Han Qin would serve as a good knife.

The Han family had many troubles, which was the greatest joy in her life.

As Yun Xi was thinking about this, Han Qin walked over and sat down without asking if anyone was sitting in the other seat.

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows.

The fact that Young Marshal Mus name had baited Han Qin so easily just demonstrated how attractive Mu Feichi was.

Han Qin raised her head and sized Yun Xi up a little.

Her facial appearance wasnt that bad, and although she was young, she was also a beauty.

Her entire body, except for the scarf on the neck, which was a luxury item, seemed all too ordinary.

Therefore, perhaps even the scarf on her neck was a fake.

Such a child who didnt even look like she came from a rich family had been personally received by the manager of the Seven Stars Hotel in Jingdu.

If there was anything special about her, it was probably her mentioning Young Marshal Mu.

Today, the security procedures of the Seven Stars Hotel had been extremely strict.

If it wasnt for the presence of a distinguished guest of special status, they wouldnt have been checked so strictly.

Hearing Young Marshal Mus name from her mouth and seeing the manager leave without objection, she suddenly realized that Young Marshal Mu must be here.

It was just that this little girl looked so ordinary.

What sort of background did she have for her to be so involved with Young Marshal Mu

Upon looking at Yun Xi more closely, she suddenly found her a little familiar.

“I know you.

Youre the little girl who set up Han Wanling.”

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows, and her clear and animated eyes gazed at Han Qin without confirming or denying anything.

“In that case, I would like to thank you for taking care of the troublesome Han Wanling for me.

How about this, you tell me how you got here today, and Ill treat you to a meal.”

Being arrogantly confronted by Han Qin, Yun Xi chuckled lightly and then rubbed the glass she was holding with one hand and tapped on the table with the other hand as she gazed at Han Qin nonchalantly.

“How did I get in just now Didnt you see it all”

If the manager hadnt brought her here, they probably wouldnt have noticed her.

Wasnt she asking what she already knew

Han Qins face fell, and her eyes glared at Yun Xi with more ferocity.

“Its impossible for the manager to bring someone like you to the restaurant.

The rules of the Seven Stars Hotel dictate that you must wear formal attire.

From your appearance, if you hadnt come in with someone else, the manager would have taken you to the back kitchen to wash and serve dishes.

You just mentioned Young Marshal Mu, so is Young Marshal Mu here”

Han Wanling relied on the favor owed to Han Hongbin to see Young Marshal Mu.

Han Hongbin had wanted to use these Han women as stepping stones to social climb and establish connections with the Mu family.

But she was different.

Even though she was the old mans most beloved daughter, Young Marshal Mu didnt want to see her, and shed never had the opportunity to see him.

He was a distinguished figure that women all over Jingdu were eyeing lasciviously.

If she didnt step up her game, she wouldnt even have the chance to show herself, not to mention compete.

She would never pass up on any opportunity.

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