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Chapter 425: Throw Miss Si Out!

Once the doctors were all present, a round of discussions ensued.

After reading Dr.

Carls examination report and confirming that the operation could be performed in the near future, Professor Joseph chose an operation time and asked Yun Xis opinion.

Naturally, Yun Xi didnt dare delay the time too much.

After confirming that there would be no conflict with her biology competition and her English contest, she agreed to a time.

The longer the delay, the more anxious everyone would get.

Also, Yun Xi felt that once the time had been set, she could set aside time to prepare.

But as soon as Yun Xi had agreed to a time, Si Wenxuan stood up and opposed her.

“Dad, what could this little girl know How can you place Mothers life in her hands If something goes amiss, ten of her lives wouldnt be enough to pay for my mothers.

Dont be fooled by her big talk.”

Si Wenxuan glared at Yun Xi angrily.

She had never seen such a shameless person, someone so desperate to social climb.

Even Doctor Carl couldnt do anything about her mothers illness.

How could a little girl like this do anything How was she able to bluff so unashamedly

Her father had lost his wits in his desperation to find a doctor.

They wouldnt be able to do anything if something bad really happened to her mother.

“Wenxuan, shut up!” Si Jingting glared at Si Wenxuan warningly with a fierce expression in his eyes.

“Its not your place to speak here.”

“Dad, this is my mother, how can you possibly risk killing her We dont know anything about this girl.

Who knows what her ulterior motives might be Maybe she approached us with some ulterior motives to harm my mother.

What could happen Have you forgotten what happened more than ten years ago Although I dont remember since I was still young then, my mother became like this today because of the cumulative side effects of what happened back then.”

Upon the mention of that incident more than ten years ago, Si Jingtings face sank.

At that time, he hadnt been the head of the Si family, although the Si family had been a prominent family in Jingdu alongside three other prominent families.

The four families: the Mu family, the Si family, the Huo family, and the Jiang family, all stood side by side.

He had been the youngest son of the Si family, so he wouldnt have gotten the family inheritance.

However, because of his fathers bias toward him, bloodshed had started between the brothers within the family.

As the heir and the beneficiary of the old mans will, hed been hunted down by his elder brother before he could even assume the position of power.

The power struggle between giants was more cruel and ruthless than the cheesy bloodshed one saw in dramas.

People werent betrayed by strangers, but by their best friends.

It was because of his stupid trust in someone that their entire family had almost lost their lives.

He had taken his wife and daughter to escape, and Xiao Weijuns illness had been caused by the side effects of the suffering she had experienced when they were fleeing.

Its cumulative effects had caused her to lapse into her current state.

If it hadnt been for the fact that the heads of the other three families had helped him, he wouldnt be where he was today.

After hed secured his position as the head of the family, the first thing hed done was to cleanse his family of all their enemies, and now he had enough capabilities to firmly safeguard his position.

Currently, Jingdu still had four prominent families standing side by side.

The Si family and the other three prominent families had reached an agreement to never fight each other, and it was basically a way to pay off the debts owed to them from the past.

At that time, theyd mistakenly put their trust in someone close to them, so now that they needed to trust again, the mention of that incident crossed Si Jingtings bottom line.

Si Jingtings face changed immediately, and his sharp eyes revealed the piercing and icy gleam of someone in a position of power.

“Shut up! Ive told you so many times that youre not allowed to mention this ever again.

You get out.

Its not up to you to call the shots here.”

“I wont leave! This is my mother, and I wont allow you to hurt her.

My mother can wait until the hospital finds an assistant suitable for Professor Joseph.

He must be a qualified doctor, not a girl of an unknown background like her.”

Without waiting for Si Jingting to respond, Mu Feichi turned his head coldly and rushed outside the door to order the waiting Qi Yuan and Feng Rui, “Come in, throw Miss Si out.”

“Brother Chi! What do you mean”

When she heard that the person who had spoken was Mu Feichi, Si Wenxuan was stunned.

She looked at him incredulously, as if she hadnt ever expected him to treat her like that.

Especially since this was her home, the Si family mansion, and she was the daughter of the prominent Si family.

He dared to order her to be thrown out.

No! She didnt believe he had the guts.

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