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Chapter 430: Her Counterattack Was Merciless

Occasionally, Yun Xi would create the illusion that she was trying hard to answer but, just as she was about to answer, someone else was one step ahead.

Zhou Chengzhe kept staring at Yun Xis score, but he forgot to stare at the scores of the other contestants.

On Yun Xis team, Li Sinuo became the first person to get kicked out of the contest because of a wrong answer.

Yun Xi hadnt answered a single question.

If she got zero points, then Li Sinuo would be able to get points from Yun Xi.

It was precisely because of this rule that Li Sinuo could answer confidently without being afraid of getting zero points.

Being able to deduct points from Yun Xi felt gratifying.

But then, unexpectedly, just as she thought she was going to be able to deduct from Yun Xis score, Yun Xi started a counterattack.

She counterattacked with one question after another, without mercy.

Every time she rushed to answer, she would get the question one step faster than anyone else.

She answered six questions in a row, and, once she rushed to answer, the person with the lowest score on the team became Li Sinuo.

If she answered one wrong question, she would be out.

Knowing that she was impatient, Yun Xi glanced at her and deliberately slacked off on a problem that was seemingly simple but easy to get wrong.

Yun Xi knew Li Sinuo would rush to answer the problem without thinking.

Sure enough, Li Sinuo didnt let her down and got the wrong answer.

The question looked simple, but it was actually full of traps.

These kind of questions were the most misleading.

The judges voice came over the microphone from the judges stage: “Li Sinuo, 0 points, out!”

Li Sinuo turned her head in annoyance and shot daggers from her eyes at Yun Xi.

Seeing that Yun Xi then answered quickly and correctly, Li Sinuo was sure that she had slacked off on purpose.

Shed deliberately gotten her kicked out of the game first, but her target wasnt Li Sinuo, but rather Zhou Chengzhe.

At first, Li Sinuo had thought that Yun Xi had been underperforming today, but she hadnt expected her speed to catch up so quickly.

It wasnt only that she had been underperforming, but that she had hidden her strength starting when the number of contestants went from 50 to ten.

Originally, shed been planning to use the rumors to make Zhou Chengzhe deal with Yun Xi.

Zhou Chengzhe had lived up to expectations and really wanted to provoke her.

Yun Xi had succeeded in making the other two top students become enemies.

Li Sinuo couldnt beat Yun Xi by herself, but Zhou Chengzhe could.

She had originally thought that as long as he defeated Yun Xi, she would have a chance to take a step forward, but she didnt expect…that she would fall into a trap dug by that little b*tch, Yun Xi.

Li Sinuo trembled with hatred when she thought of how she had missed out on the opportunity for admission to a prestigious university abroad.

The rush to answer questions continued, and the battle between the two sides continued.

Zhao Yumo was unwilling to play against Yun Xi, so she deliberately got kicked out of the game with a wrong answer.

In the end, only Yun Xi and Zhou Chengzhe were left on the stage in a face-off as the ultimate battle was finalized.

The judges and the organizer didnt seem to have expected that they would encounter two such very impressive students this year, and they ran out of the hundreds of questions they had prepared.

The scene became a little awkward.

Yun Xi glanced at Zhou Chengzhe, who was sitting across from her, and she raised her hand to the judge.

“What do you want to say”

“Judge, since the questions have all been used up, and the winner hasnt yet been determined, how about if we give each other questions, based on botany, zoology, and biology.

There are many teachers and experts present to judge whether our answers are correct or not.

What do you think about that”

She simply wanted to set up Zhou Chengzhe today just to defeat him.

She was taking advantage of her rebirth, but Zhou Chengzhe was a current student, so he should be more familiar with basic knowledge than she was.

The teachers and the judges had a round of discussions.

The competition was still in full swing, and everyone wanted to see who could answer the others questions.

It was decided to go with this format.

With half an hour of extra time, Zhou Chengzhe first gave Yun Xi a question, and the first question was very difficult.

Yun Xi answered it within a few moments, and the green light from the judges lit up on the big screen to indicate approval.

It was Yun Xis turn to ask a question.

Her question wasnt difficult, but it was very tricky.

It seemed like the answer was A, but you would feel that answer B was correct, but the correct answer was actually C.

On the right side of the venue, three figures stood there silently watching.

With a small doting smile on his lips, Mu Feichi raised his eyes to look at the little girl who was setting up her opponent on the stage.

He knew that this girl was about to unseat her rival.

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