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Chapter 46: Mr.

Chen Is Watching With Covetous Eyes

Everyones expression changed when they heard the joke that could never come true.

Yun Xi looked embarrassed as she squinted maliciously at the cynical eldest heir of the Chens.

She squeezed the chopsticks in her hand even tighter.

Nonsense! Was this how he repaid someone who saved his life! How dare he make fun of her!

However, Chen Yichen appeared as if this matter didnt concern him, even though he was the one to have instigated it.

He half-smiled as he looked at the angry, young girl sitting across from him.

“Oh my! Im so scared! This girls eyes can kill!”

Yun Xi directly rolled her eyes at him before digging into her breakfast.

She was truly going to ignore him now.

His throat seemed to always have the energy to poke fun at her even though it had just healed, so why hadnt she been a bit rougher when shed changed his dressing last night

He deserved to die from the pain!

“Nonsense!” Jiang Wanyun kicked her son from under the table and glared at him.

“Youre so disobedient.

How can you make fun of Yun Xi”

Because her son had opened this can of worms, Jiang Wanyun didnt dare to entertain this idea now, even though shed thought of it as well.

“Mom, would you dare say that you werent thinking the same thing Also, whats the difference of being the granddaughter-in-law of Grandfather Chen, as compared to being the granddaughter-in-law of Grandfather Jiang”

As he said this, he even looked right at the two elderly men giving him solemn glares.

“Hurry up and shut your mouth! Eat your food!”

Jiang Wanyun truly couldnt handle this child.

He wasnt embarrassed, but she was certainly embarrassed as his mother!

Grandfather Chen spoiled his grandson and had always been protective of him.

When he heard his grandson say this, he also glanced at Grandfather Jiang like he was inquiring about his opinion.

“Dont you even think about it! There is a difference between Yun Xi being your or my granddaughter-in-law!”

Shed either live with the Jiangs or the Chens, so he could see her every day if she lived with the Jiangs.

But if she lived at the Jiangs, he would have to ask for Grandfather Chens permission before he could even see her.

How could she be filial to him if she didnt even live together with him

“Oh, how can you be such an unreasonable old man Your grandson hasnt even met Yun Xi, so what if he doesnt actually like her You want to destroy her future with an arranged marriage”

“Youre the unreasonable one.

This is my future granddaughter-in-law, so youd better not cause any trouble!”

Yun Xi sighed quietly as she listened to the two old men start bickering again.

She calmly raised a hand.

“Grandfathers, are you even going to ask me for my opinion as the person being discussed”

Both old men turned to look at her.

Yun Xi finished her breakfast and chimed in casually, “This matter isnt urgent.

Im still young and still need to go to university, and I want to study medicine.

Both your grandsons are very outstanding people, but I cant take advantage of your love for me and do as I please without making something of myself.

I also need to be good enough to match the talents, tastes, and upbringing of the Jiang and Chen families.

What do you think”

After all, she already knew about Jiang Henglins personality from her previous lifetime.

He was obviously nothing but a playboy, so she was guaranteed to not attract his attention as long as she made herself a bit uglier.

But right now, she still needed her arranged marriage with the Jiangs as support.

Otherwise, she wouldnt be able to establish herself within the Yun household if the arranged marriage was canceled.

As for Chen Yichen, this eldest heir wasnt as easy to deal with.

After all, she knew Chen Yichen as a ruthless and decisive figure from her previous lifetime.

She refused to believe that dark plots and methods didnt lurk under his elegant and gentle face.

It appeared that the joke of “adopting a child bride,” had already caused her to realize the threat posed by Chen Yichen.

She couldnt afford to cross Mu Feichi or the eldest heir of the Chens, who had harbored ulterior motives she had no ideas about!

The two old men nodded in unison when they heard this.

Their eyes reflected their admiration for her wisdom.

This girl was sensible and polite, so she knew how to look at the big picture.

She didnt disrespect them, yet was able to see the long-term path.

They truly hadnt misread her as a person!

“Okay then.

Well do as you say!”

An agreement had been reached.

Grandfather Jiang saw that he didnt need to compromise, so he immediately stood up to end the conversation.

“Lets go.

Grandfather Jiang will take you to see your grandfather!”

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