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Chapter 467: We Went on a Date

After leaving the ward, Chen Yichen accompanied Yun Xi and Mu Feichi all the way downstairs.

He had heard about everything that had happened last night.

The two of them had just happened to run into each other in the wilderness…on Christmas Eve… Where had they been

He had called Yun Xi the day before to ask her to spend Christmas Eve with him, but shed refused him.

Hed thought that she was worried about being gossiped about, but he definitely hadnt expected that she had an appointment with Young Marshal Mu.

He thought about the time hed gone to Tianyu Mountain when hed directly told Mu Feichi about his feelings for Yun Xi, and Mu Feichis attitude had made him feel as if his feelings werent important.

If hed regarded him as a love rival, perhaps he would still have a chance to compete with him.

But he knew he didnt even have the qualifications to become his rival.

Mu Feichi didnt take him seriously as a love rival at all.

That kind of humiliation from not even being considered a rival gave him a deep sense of frustration.

“Yun Xi, where did you go last night And how did you happen to encounter my third uncle”

In the end, hed resisted the urge to ask how he had lost to Young Marshal Mu.

“Ah, I went to Lin Mountain and encountered him on the way back.”

“We went on a date.” Before Yun X could finish speaking, Mu Feichi chimed in.

As soon as Mu Feichi spoke, Chen Yichen instantly became quiet.

Chen Yichen turned his head and looked at Yun Xi.

His gentle, elegant, handsome face was filled with sadness.

He felt a sense of regret that he couldnt even speak of.

The atmosphere was awkward, and Yun Xi was so annoyed that she stretched out her hand and twisted Mu Feichis arm.

This person really didnt know how to be tactful.

“Eldest Heir, I still have classes today, so Im going to go back to school now.

Please keep an eye on Third Young Master Chen.”

“I know.

Yun Xi, thank you anyway.”

Yun Xi smiled awkwardly, turned around, and walked toward Mu Feichis car.

Mu Feichi paused before he turned his head to look at Chen Yichen.

“The Chen family has been in much turmoil recently.

It would be best if you should focus on your familys affairs.”

“Young Marshal Mu, being with you isnt the best choice for Yun Xi.

Take what happened last night.

I wouldnt put the person I cared for in such a dangerous situation.

Even if I were to die, I wouldnt want her to risk any danger.

A girl like her should be safe and happy for the rest of her life, instead of facing all sorts of hardships with you.”

He was the head of the Mu family, so he had to face far more things than ordinary people.

He faced threats from all sides at all times.

As long as Yun Xi was with him, she must also face these problems.

But he was different.

He was the Eldest Heir of the Chen family.

He could let her live the life of an ordinary person without facing so many hardships and deaths.

“The best choice” Mu Feichi snorted.

“Do you know what she likes or what she wants to do Since you dont understand her, how dare you conclude that Im not the best choice for her”

“But she shouldnt live this sort of life with you! Shes worthy of the best things in the world, instead of facing all sorts of danger with you.”

“Since Im willing to let her come close to me, then I have the ability to protect her.

What she needs isnt the shelter of others, but to become strong enough on her own.

If what happened to us last night had happened to you, do you think you would have been able to protect her”

He snorted.

He didnt want to bother continuing to talk nonsense with Chen Yichen, so he turned around and walked to the parking lot.

To people who werent in the same world as he was, it was useless to even say anything more.

This girl was destined to become extremely strong.

There was no way she would be willing to become a wealthy wife who sat around all day doing nothing.

Her blood was fiery with passion, and she had big dreams.

She was fated to stand with him.

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