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Chapter 468: You Might as Well Endure the Suffering

After leaving the hospital, Yun Xi asked Mu Feichi to drive the car directly to the school gates.

Thinking about the relationship between Li Sinuo and her fancy man, Yun Xi wanted to set up a trap to teach Li Sinuo a lesson.

However, she was worried that this could alert them.

Startling the snake too soon could make their plans go wrong.

Therefore, before she did any planning, she had to ask Mu Feichi about his plans.

Mu Feichi didnt seem surprised about what she was planning to do.

“You just do what you want, and I will deal with that man.

It is now almost certain that his target is also you, so dealing with Li Sinuo wont conflict with dealing with him.”

“But do you already have a plan”

“My people wont interfere with your plans.

I will have someone cooperate with you.

But be careful.

That man isnt any ordinary person.

Dont underestimate him.

He is now targeting you because he thinks you have a close relationship with Han Yaotian, and he wants to use you to get the list back.

But if you let them know that the list and the stuff are in my hands, and youre my weakness, then you can put on an even better show.”

“I see.

I will arrange it.”

Mu Feichi turned his head to look at her, unfastened her seat belt, and reminded her over and over again, “Youre not allowed to use yourself as bait to fish him out.

In this setup, we have plenty of bait.

If you dare to use yourself…”

Before Mu Feichis sentence could even be finished, Yun Xi impatiently reached out her hand to cover his mouth and directly shut him up.

“I know! I dont intend to use myself as bait this time.

Han Yaotian got me dragged into his mess, and I got kidnapped.

I will keep track of this.

How could I let him off the hook so easily”

She always carried out revenge for grudges.

She had become a target this time because of Han Yaotian once more.

Since the Han family caused the trouble, he shouldnt even think about disassociating himself from the matter.

“You should be careful as well.

If you need any cooperation, you can call me right away, at any time.

It doesnt matter if you get into huge trouble.

Dont forget that you have me.”

He raised his hand and caressed her head.

He knew her abilities and would never try to stop her from doing what she wanted to do.

The premise was that she must remain uninjured, otherwise everything would be forbidden.

“I dont need you.

I can solve it by myself.

Dealing with Li Sinuo is my business.

Dealing with that man is your business.

I dont want to dig my own grave.”

“Thats good!” Mu Feichi took an exquisite silver dagger out of the glove compartment and placed the cold dagger in the palm of her hand.

“This is something I had specially made for you.

Its sharp.

You take it with you just in case.”

“Huh This dagger is so beautiful!” Yun Xi lowered her head and played with the exquisite silver dagger in her hand.

It looked like a prop, but it was actually extremely heavy.

Even if someone saw her with it in her daily life, without close examination, they wouldnt think it was real and would simply think that it was a fake.

“Young Marshal Mu, this thing is too exquisite.

I hope it doesnt come in handy.”

Once it did come in handy, it must mean she was in danger.

“I also hope that even when you dont use it, you should be careful so you dont accidentally hurt yourself.”

“Got it, thank you!”

Putting the dagger in her backpack, she turned her head and moved her hands to pat his gentle, handsome face.

Then she quipped, “I suddenly feel like I have a huge backer.”

Mu Feichi clasped her wrist, gazed at her with deep eyes, grabbed her hands, and kissed her.

“Then babe, what I want to know is when will our relationship become official I cant keep on being a man in the shadows, all right”

“…” Yun Xi glanced at him speechlessly, then pulled her hand back with a dumbfounded expression.

“Young Marshal Mu, that isnt exactly a compliment, right”

“Since you know that it isnt a compliment, are you still willing to watch me endure the suffering”

“Yep, I havent seen Young Marshal Mu suffer before, so it seems quite entertaining! You might as well endure suffering for the moment.”

“You little rascal with no conscience…”

“Yep, my conscience has been eaten by dogs.”

“Go away!”

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