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Chapter 469: Setting a Trap

Yun Xi walked back to school, all the while thinking about how to set up Li Sinuo and Han Yaotian.

Mu Feichi was targeting the older man whod been having a relationship with Li Sinuo.

If she was going to set a successful trap for these people, it was going to have to be big.

Zhao Yumo was still hiding out in the hospital, pretending to be ill.

Yun Xi was going to have to fight alone to take down Li Sinuo and her older man.

As for Zhou Chengzhe, shed decided just to have him stay in the winter camp to be slowly tortured.

There were certain kinds of people who the closer they got to success, the more ruthless and desperate they became.

Losing everything after getting a taste of success was much more painful than losing everything when youd never tasted success.

When Yun Xi got to school, she went into a bathroom and applied a heavy layer of a dark foundation to her face before she went upstairs.

As soon as Yun Xi arrived at the door of the classroom, she was stopped by her homeroom teacher, Mr.



Xu had noticed that her complexion hadnt been looking good lately, she often dozed off in class, and she was being frequently called out in class by various teachers.

Since she was the best student in the grade, all the teachers in every subject naturally watched her closely.

As soon as anything seemed off or bothered them, they immediately reported it to her homeroom teacher.

“Yun Xi, whats the matter with you lately Your complexion looks so bad.

Are you experiencing too much academic pressure”

“Teacher Xu, Im fine, really.”

Teacher Xu obviously didnt believe her.

After all, her face looked haggard, as if she was suffering from a serious illness.

Yun Xi could tell that he didnt believe her, so she took a tissue and wiped off some of the foundation that was on her face.

“Theres something that I have to deal with.

I have to pretend to be under the weather.

Teacher Xu, please let it slide for now, and I will explain it all to you when the matter is resolved.”

“What on earth are you up to” The homeroom teacher looked at her in astonishment.

Although a lot of things had happened since shed come to Jing High School, shed easily resolved them each time.

And, most of the trouble had been caused by other people framing her or setting her up.

Since she was a transfer student with very good grades, it was normal for her to attract the envy of other people in the school.

As long as these petty rivalries didnt affect their studies, the teachers wouldnt interfere in the students private affairs too much.

“For the time being, keep this confidential.

I will explain everything when the time comes.

Dont worry, I wont go overboard or cause trouble for you.”

“Im not worried about that.

I just dont want you to fall behind on your studies.”

“Of course not, dont worry.”

Just entering the classroom, Li Sinuo glanced at Yun Xi.

She saw that she had been called out to speak with their homeroom teacher.

Without having to think too hard about why, Li Sinuo knew that it was because Yun Xi had been dozing off and not paying attention in class recently.

From Yun Xis haggard appearance, it was obvious that the drug had worked.

Zhao Yumo had already been hospitalized, and now it was that wretched girl Yun Xis turn.

Li Sinuo had suffered so much because of Yun Xi.

Now she was going to get her payback tenfold.

Yun Xi glanced at Li Sinuo as she walked by, yawned nonchalantly, and continued back to her seat unhurriedly.

Yang Lu was also a little worried about Yun Xis state.

Recently, Yun Xi had appeared extremely fatigued.

Yang Lu didnt know what she had been up to.

“Yun Xi, are you okay You dont seem well lately.”

Yun Xi glanced at Yang Lu, and, thinking of the trap she was setting up, she smiled and leaned toward her ear to whisper, “Im setting a trap.

You dont want to miss out on the good drama thats to come.”

“Who are you setting a trap for” After being friends with Yun Xi for a long time now, Yang Lu naturally understood what she meant when she said she was setting a trap.

“Who do you think”

Yang Lu suddenly turned to look at Li Sinuo.


Yun Xi smiled and nodded.


“Quickly tell me how youre going to set the trap.”

In the last competition, Li Sinuo and Zhou Chengzhe had acted so arrogantly that she naturally wanted to see them stumble.

Yun Xi told Yang Lu what she had to do in terms of what to say and how to act, and Yang Lu immediately understood.

After the bait had been thrown out, all they had to do was wait for the bait to lure the fish into the trap…

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