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Chapter 515: Double-Cross Her

Early the next morning, Yun Xi went out running.

Halfway up the mountain, she could see Mu Feichis car parked in the distance at the sentry post.

Upon noticing her running up the mountain, Mu Feichi had pushed the car door open and gotten out.

Wearing a dark green wool coat, he looked domineering and striking.

Under his coat he wore a military uniform of the same color.

With a light green shirt and a dark green tie, he possessed the solemn majesty of a soldier.

He had black leather gloves on, and his long figure cast a reflection on the car door.

Just standing there like that, he looked like an ancient God.

No one would be able to look away from the dazzling sight.

Yun Xi slowed down.

Panting slightly, she squinted her eyes to gaze at the dazzlingly handsome man in front of her, and she clenched her fists.

Yun Xi sighed to herself.

What a monster.

“Young Marshal Mu, why are you here” Why was he waiting by the car for her on such a cold day

“Im waiting for you,” Mu Feichi replied aloofly.

“I got what you requested.”

“Really Where is it”

Upon hearing that Mu Feichi had obtained a video of her dad messing around with Chen Lixue, Yun Xi raised her head excitedly and stretched out her hand to him.

“Let me see it, please!”

“Why do you want to look at it” Annoyed, yet also amused, Mu Feichi smacked her on the head in a playful manner.

“Its inappropriate for children to see.

I cant give it to you.”

“Uh…” Blushing and coughing in an embarrassed manner, Yun Xi realized that her request had indeed been improper.

“Then you keep it safely for me, please.”

“Uh-huh, Ill keep it until youre an adult,” Mu Feichi responded.

“Youre off from school tomorrow.

I want you to come to Tianyu Mountain to spend New Years Eve with me.”

“Why do you want me to come up Go attend to your business if you have things to do.

Spending New Years Eve alone doesnt bother me anyway.

I will read books, review my notes, and do homework at home.

New Years Eve makes no difference to me.”

She knew that when he went out in such formal attire, he must have diplomatic activities or other important things to do.

New Years Eve was just a ceremony, and although this year was the first year of her rebirth, it was nothing more than that.

“Do you want me to come to your home to invite you”

“…” Fair enough, Young Marshal Mu knew that this old trick worked every time.

Upon seeing that she wasnt going to resist any longer, Mu Feichi raised his hand and caressed her head.

“Take yourself up the mountain on New Years Eve.

If I havent gotten back by the time you get there, just play with Great White.”

Yun Xi slapped his hands away and glared at him in anger.

Playing with Great White was like her part-time job these days.

Mu Feichi smiled as he gazed into her animated eyes.

“Be good, and wait for me to come back.”

After she returned from her morning jog, Yun Xi changed her clothes and took her textbooks downstairs to look at while she ate breakfast.

As soon as she stepped into the dining room, she saw Liang Xinyi looking at her with resentful eyes.

Without having to ask, Yun Xi knew that Liang Xiuqin must have made a shameless request to her and burned all her bridges.

Liang Xinyi had helped Liang Xiuqin return to the Yun familys house, and Liang Xiuqin had helped her gain a foothold in the Yun familys house.

It seemed like a fair deal, but, in reality, Liang Xiuqin had a big advantage in terms of time.

It would take a long time for Liang Xinyi to gain a foothold in the Yun family, but she could handle the Su family for Liang Xiuqin in minutes.

She probably hadnt expected Liang Xiuqin to double-cross her.

The alliance of interests between these two people was loose.

Liang Xiuqins greed and shamelessness had directly destroyed the only trust and mutually beneficial relationship between them.

Now that shed learned this lesson, the next time Liang Xiuqin wanted to take advantage of Liang Xinyi, it probably wouldnt be so easy.

Therefore, Yun Xi had decided to give Liang Xinyi a big gift at this juncture.

After Chen Lixue came, Liang Xiuqin definitely wouldnt give up.

She would want to continue to benefit from Liang Xinyi, but would also want to drive Chen Lixue away.

However, she could only choose one of these two directions to travel in.

Liang Xinyi would definitely make another offer to Liang Xiuqin to try and turn the tide in favor of herself.

Between getting money or letting Chen Lixue stay, it all depended on which Liang Xiuqin would choose.

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