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Chapter 565: Go Directly to the Police Station

Her mother had told her about everything that had happened back in the day when she and Liang Xiuqin had been two young girls in the countryside.

Now that they finally both lived in Jingdu, they werent going to give up before they took back everything that belonged to them…or before they drove these b*tches, Liang Xiuqin and Yun Xi, out of the Yun family.

It wasnt as if she wanted to replace Yun Xi.

Liang Xinyi knew she was the rightful young madame of the Yun family.

“I havent forgotten my place here, but, regarding this matter, why should Xinyi be treated as a scapegoat” Chen Lixue whined.

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows and looked at Liang Xinyi with a sneer.

Her clear eyes were full of mockery.

“What does this have to do with me Did I beat up the housekeepers son Did I make Liang Xinyi seduce that man Doesnt seem so, right It was Liang Xinyi who was greedy and vain and accepted all that designer stuff.

How did I make her a scapegoat I didnt give her those things.”

Speaking of this, Yun Xi couldnt help but remember that all the living expenses that her grandfather had sent to the countryside for so many years for her benefit hadnt been spent on her at all.

Instead, Chen Lixue had used them all on Liang Xinyi.

They had appeared magnanimous in front of outsiders, and theyd acted as if Yun Xi was just lucky to be living in the Liang familys house.

The housekeeper looked at Yun Xi, but she didnt put any blame on her.

She remembered the instructions of Feng Yang and Feng Xifang, and she didnt dare to offend Yun Xi at all.

“Miss Yun, you should help me.

Your aunts shameless daughter not only seduced my son, but also made him squander money on her like a demon.

All my hard-earned money has been spent on designer clothes for this little b*tch.

I came over to ask her to return the things.

Is it wrong for me to ask her to give my money back”

“Those were given to my daughter by your son, so why do you get to tell us what to do If youre dirt poor, then why was he acting like such a big shot”

Chen Lixue never let herself suffer or be at a disadvantage.

No way would she make Liang Xinyi spit out what she had already eaten.

“Without your daughters instigation, would my son know anything about designer brands”


Seeing that they were going on and on about all this, Yun Xi interrupted them, “Shut up, both of you.

Everyone thinks that theyre in the right, so there cant be any settlement if it continues like this.

You guys might be shameless, but our Yun family has a sense of pride.”

Yun Xi glanced back and forth at them.

Her pretty face had an imposing aura.

Upon seeing how tough and calm she appeared, both of them stopped talking.

The housekeeper didnt dare to continue speaking.

“Since the things werent willingly given by the housekeepers son, you should return them to the housekeeper .

If you cant get a refund from the items, you can personally make up the money to the housekeeper.

If you guys cant compromise, auntie, you should go directly to the police station to report this case.”

“Yes! I will go and sue you for scamming my son, you wretched girl.

When the time comes, Ill see if you have the nerve to continue staying in the villa complex.”

Chen Lixue became anxious when she heard that she was about to report the case to the police station.

“Wretched girl! What do you mean by this Youre not helping your cousin, but helping outsiders instead Do you have a brain”

Just as Chen Lixue was about to pounce on Yun Xi, Yun Xi dodged her and stepped through the iron gates of the villa complex.

With a clatter, she closed the iron gates and looked at Chen Lixue, who was livid with rage outside the iron railings.

Her eyes were cold and sharp.

“Auntie, I gave you many options.

Either compensate her with money or get reported to the police station.

You cant avoid responsibility no matter how you try.”

Yun Xi continued coldly, “This is the Yun family, not the office of a village chief.

Theres no pie in the sky here, Auntie.

Youd better know your place.

If you want to cause trouble, you can leave by the gates of the villa complex.”

Liang Xiuqin, who had been watching this skirmish in the courtyard, saw how Chen Lixues face paled when she heard Yun Xis words.

She was happy and gratified to see her sister tormented.

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