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Chapter 578: Strong Person Evenly Matched with His Son

Yun Xi had long been accustomed to being pushed to do things beyond her abilities.

However, this person who was forcing her to do these things was the boss of the Mu family, Mu Feichis father, and she didnt know how to deal with it.

The corny plot of a president falling in love with an ordinary girl was happening to her.

In these plots, it was usually the mother of the wealthy family who came out to do everything possible to prevent a woman like her from being together with her son.

Now…the father had come forward, and, without further ado, was going to throw her directly onto the training ground, telling her to come out relying on her own strength.

She did not feel happy, instead…she felt somewhat distressed.

Yun Xi blinked and raised her eyes to look at the man sitting opposite her, who appeared intimidating and as if he was acting only in consideration of the grand scheme of things.

She could tell that he actually loved his son very much.

It was just that his way of expressing his love wasnt very pleasing.

After hesitating for a moment, Yun Xi said, “Sir, may I ask you a question”

“You may ask whatever you want.

The person in front of you right now isnt a member of the Mu family, but a father.”

Mu Feichi was the son of his favorite woman and his most beloved eldest son.

Since he couldnt change his decision, then he would respect his choice.

As a father, what he had to do wasnt to separate them by any means, but to fulfill his desires as much as possible.

Since hed chosen this little girl, she must be able and qualified enough to stand beside him.

Even if she wasnt, she must be trained to do so.

In fact, when hed seen this girl just now, hed felt a little relieved.

His sons taste wasnt that bad.

This girl had a sense of calmness and assurance that ordinary girls didnt have.

Even when confronting a person in a high position like him, she had no sense of fear and even appeared tough instead.

She had an extraordinary sense of gentleness and wisdom.

Such a girl couldnt be stupid, and it could even be said that she was so smart that she knew how to hide her cunningness.

“If Young Marshal Mus mother was still here, would she be the one sitting in front of me planning for her sons future”

Shed received no maternal love ever since she had been a child, and she had never enjoyed the warmth of maternal love in her two lives.

Shed also seldom heard Mu Feichi talk about his mother.

From what shed understood, in those cheesy dramas that involved wealthy families, a mother would do whatever it took for the sake of her sons future.

Whats more, Mu Feichi had dual identities: a man and a person in power.

Upon the mention of his deceased wife, Mu Chonglis eyes gradually became gentle, with a kind of tenderness that even Yun Xi felt she couldnt describe.

In his sharp eyes, there was the soft gleam of masculine passion.

Even after the passage of time, it hadnt lost its strength.

His love had solidified with the passage of time and finally grown into a red-hot passion in the bottom of his heart.

It was intense and passionate.

“If…if she were alive, it would still be me sitting in front of you.

She had only one request for her future daughter-in-law, which was to take care of her son in her place.

Our family is already deeply established in Jingdu, so theres no need to sacrifice our childrens lifelong happiness anymore.”

Mentioning this, Mu Chongli closed his eyes slightly.

“I personally sent him down this road and made him who he is now, so the woman who should be standing next to him is destined to be an extraordinary person.

Even if he has his sights set on you, if you fail to meet my requirements, I will do whatever it takes to train you or to ruin you.

To become strong or to be trampled on, the right to choose is in your hands.”

Yun Xi took a deep breath and didnt know what to say to this well-meaning father, Chongli.

He didnt care about her status, her family, or her background, but had only one requirement, that is, for her to become a strong person evenly matched with his son.

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