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Chapter 619: He Must Be A Big Deal!

Liang Xiuqin was furious.

“Yuanfeng, two thousand yuan is more than enough money to spend on her living expense for half a year! Youre spoiling the child.

What if she just squanders the money in one go! Shes just a girl and the world is full of temptations.

What if she gets swindled No, you cant give her so much money!”

Yun Yuanfeng controlled Liang Xiuqins expenses, so she was always short of money.

Because of that, she has always had to find other means of getting money.

On top of that, she had already spent a lot of money at the beauty salon in an attempt to improve her own appearance.

The results were successful since Yun Yuanfeng had gradually changed his attitude towards her.

He was finally willing to touch her.

She was not about to give that up anytime soon!

“Yun Xi, I heard that your schools already rewarded you with 500 yuan, right Thats enough for your training camp.

Mom will keep these two thousand yuan for you! Ill hand it to you once you finish the college entrance examination.”

“Mom, arent you responsible for Yun Ziling instead of me You dont have to meddle in my affairs.

And Dads already said that hell be the one wholl take care of me, so you can just worry about Yun Ziling.

Youve never bothered fulfilling your responsibility as a mother to me all these years, so I dont need you to step in now.”

“What do you mean by this! What do you mean you dont need me Are you an adult Did you get married Youre not married so youre still a daughter of the Yun family.

Youre my daughter.

Of course I have the right to take care of you.

It looks like your lack of discipline has made you too unruly!”

Yun Yuanfeng was a proud man.

So hearing Liang Xiuqin berating him and mocking Yun Xi was making him angry.

“Enough,” he said loudly.

“Just shut up! What I give Yun Xi has nothing to do with you.

Yun Xi will be under my control from now on, so you have no say in her future.”

He knew what Liang Xiuqins motives were.

Plus, he had a lot of hope that Yun Xi would bring him pride and glory.

Of course he would be protective of her!

“Yuanfeng…” Liang Xiuqin was about to say something but she was cut short when she caught the stern look that Yun Yuanfeng shot her.

All she could do was to shut her mouth and keep quiet.

Meanwhile, Yun Ziling was glaring at Yun Xi with envy.

Two thousand yuan was a large sum of money and her mother was broke.

Yun Ziling could only imagine all the new clothes she could buy with that money!

“Dad, youre being too generous,” she said.

“How can you give my sister so much money How about your other daughters Youve never been so generous with us.”

Yun Yuanfeng sneered.

He was well aware of Yun Zilings grades.

They werent even as good as Yun Chuhans.

Yun Yuanfeng didnt mince his words.

“If you want Dad to be fair, then you should also get first place in your grade.

Thatll give me a reason to reward you as well.

Yun Xi is the most outstanding out of all of your sisters!”

Yun Yuanfengs words dismissed all of Yun Chuhans hard work at school.

Yun Xi glanced at Yun Chuhan, who looked gloomy, then looked away calmly.

Yun Chuhans hard work and effort would never be appreciated, not when it kept being compared to Yun Xis exceptional performance.

To make matters worse, in her past life, Yun Ziling was the one who hogged the limelight and received special treatment.

Yun Chuhan had always had to resort to other means to get what she wanted.

In this life, Yun Xi wanted to make herself an indispensable part of the Yun family!

Yun Chuhan had to be strong if she wanted to suppress the demons in her family.


Before leaving for the winter camp, Yun Xi took some time to visit the Shen family and the Jiang family.

Old Madam Shen prepared lunch for her, and invited the Eldest Heir to join them as well.

General Shen was also present, along with an unfamiliar face.

During the lunch, Yun Xi couldnt help but keep looking at the stranger.

The man seated in front of her didnt look young but he was extremely attractive.

He emitted a proud and gallant aura that was magnetic.

He wore a black wool coat and underneath that, a simple but tasteful casual suit.

He had a stern face that emitted a sense of unapproachable aloofness.

His gloomy eyes cut like lasers, and she could feel him staring at her as if he could read her thoughts.

Yun Xi felt that this guy must be a big deal!

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