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Chapter 63: This Girl Isnt Simple

Qi Yuan took his gaze off the monitor screen.

With that girls momentum, she probably wouldnt be able to hold her ground all the way to the top of the mountain.

He turned to Young Marshal Mu with concern.

“Young Marshal Mu, there are more than a dozen sentries on the mountain, and almost 100 people.

It is the same amount of people as one of our units.

Im afraid that in her current physical state, she wont be able to fend them all off.”

If they had been in her shoes it would have been impossible for them to fight 100 people, let alone this little girl…

No matter how much stamina she had, there was no way she would emerge unscathed.

If they really hurt her, perhaps Young Marshal Mu would fly into a rage.

Mu Feichi stared at the agile figure on the monitor intently.

Her white casual attire had been stained with dirt at the first sentry post and made her appear somewhat unkempt.

But deep in his heart, it felt as if a pure white little daisy had finally bloomed after he had waited for thousands of years.

“Ive arranged for only five sentry posts to take any action.

The others will stay put.”

This was his dream woman, and even he himself dared not lift a finger against her.

He was merely testing her to gauge her hidden potential.

“One against 40! If she can fend them off, then nobody in the whole team will dare underestimate her anymore!”

As Qi Yuan said this in awe, Feng Rui, who was standing next to him, had been deeply impressed by Yun Xis agile movements on the monitor.

“Young Marshal Mu, this girl, she… Im afraid shes not as simple as she seems.

Didnt she grow up in the country Look at her boxing skills and attacking methods.

Some of them weve never even seen before, and some appear even more vigorous than our training…not to mention her speed!”

Feng Rui stared at the monitor intently.

With such a brilliant display of mastery, it was a pity to miss even a second of it.

Mu Feichi rubbed his jaw, and his eyes gleamed with mystery.

He had known for quite a while that this girl wasnt simple.

A girl who grew up in the countryside, yet was able to fight off a pack of wolves was already shocking enough.

When they had met again on the train, shed performed an emergency operation so calmly and skillfully that he was also calm.

He had related it to his personal doctor, Su Hang.

Su Hangs medical expertise was practically unrivaled in Jingdu, and hed said that in such a circumstance even he wouldnt have been certain that the operation would succeed.

Now, he was using five sentry posts and 40 field battle elites to test her skills.

Her reactions, as well as her abilities, had all exceeded everyones expectations.

This girl, like a misty fog enshrouding his eyes, made him more and more interested in the truth behind that fog.

“The more complicated she seems, the more intrigued I am!”


Their flying wolf team was like an urban legend in Jingdu.

Anyone special who approached their side had the potential to become a threat, so they had to be extremely cautious.

Mu Feichi raised his hand slightly.

Feng Rui opened his mouth again, but saw Qi Yuan making eye contact and signaling him to shut up, so he shut his mouth obediently.

The butler came and asked Mu Feichi what he wanted to eat for breakfast.

Mu Feichi glanced at the people around the monitor and asked nonchalantly, “What do little girls nowadays like to eat”

The butler was dazed for a moment, but then he turned his head to look at the figure running through the mountains in the surveillance video, and suddenly he understood.

“I will tell the kitchen right now to prepare.

Master, do you want to eat first or wait for Miss Yun to come and eat”

“Ill wait until she arrives.”

On the monitor, Mu Feichi watched the fourth sentry post being defeated.

He then kept looking as the little girl rubbed her shoulders and neck and tied her stray hairs back into a bun as she walked.

Her tender face exuded the vivacity of lively youthfulness, and she appeared soft yet resilient.

Nowadays, all the socialites who he met were either spoiled, high-maintenance airheads or unsightly attention-seekers.

As someone from the countryside, she was like an unpolished jade stone.

He wanted to help sculpt and shape her so that she could shine brightly in the future, yet he also wanted her to shape her own future.

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