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Chapter 656: She Would Have Lost Her Life

Chapter 662: She Would Have Lost Her Life

At the other end of the combat command room, the constant ticking of the positioning device left everyone in the room feeling even more nervous.

Mu Feichi breathed a sigh of relief when he saw, on the monitoring screen, Great Whites chip positioning approaching Yun Xis cell phone positioning.

But after a while, Great White started moving at an extremely fast speed, and the two positioning points suddenly moved apart.

Seeing this, Mu Feichi knew that something was wrong.

He abruptly turned his head and said in a deep voice, “Pull up the satellite map of this area right away!”

“Yes!” Grey Wolfs sharp eyes didnt dare to move away from the computer screen for even a moment as his slender fingers quickly tapped on the keyboard.

Within seconds, the satellite positioning map appeared on the screen.

The image was blurred because it was a birds-eye view, so it was impossible to see the local terrain clearly.

Mu Feichis face sank immediately, and there was anxiety in his heart.

If it werent for danger in the area, Great White would not have suddenly turned around and run away just as he was approaching the girl.

Either that or Great White has discovered the enemys location.

But knowing that girls temperament, she would never allow Great White to be in danger.

She must have been injured if she didnt follow behind!

“How much longer before Silver Eagle gets there”

“Ten more minutes.”

Li Zilan received the news and entered the room from outside.

She looked at the two positioning points on the screen before turning to face Grey Wolf.

“Calculate the approximate distance between these two points.”

“630 meters; within the range of a sniper rifle.”

Grey Wolf realized that he had said something wrong as soon as he finished speaking.

Young Marshal Mu shot daggers at him, and he hurriedly lowered his head.

Li Zilan raised her eyebrows as she stared straight at the screen.

A cold light flashed behind her eyes beneath her dark green eyeshadow.

The words came out of her bright red lips, cold and calculating: “Young Marshal, its time to teach her how to shoot.

Its better to teach someone how to fish rather than to just give them the fish.

Its the simple truth, so dont let your protective instinct blind your judgment!”

Mu Feichis eyebrows were tightly furrowed, and his gloomy handsome face was unfathomable.

But everyone could see that the Young Marshal was like a gunpowder keg right now; even the slightest thing could set him off.

Only Li Zilan was bold enough to provoke him.

“At a distance of six hundred meters, the speed of bullets flying in the air is like the speed of sound.

If she was trained, she would certainly be able to avoid it, but if shes just a rookie, she might lose her life.”

“…” Mu Feichis bottomless eyes were suddenly filled with a murderous aura.

At this moment, Li Zilans words were adding fuel to the proverbial flames.

Some of the people that surrounded her started sweating in anticipation.

But Li Zilan didnt care.

The worst case scenario was that she would set off the ticking time bomb, but she could just run away!

Mu Feichi turned his head away and looked at the screen.

His gloomy appearance was like that of a lurking beast, and his entire body was surrounded by a murderous aura that made people fear to approach him.


Sitting on the snowy ground, Yun Xi stared straight ahead.

Her face was pale.

She gritted her teeth and carefully taught Zhao Yumo how to deal with the wound.

Fortunately, it was just a surface injury.

If the bullet had hit her chest, she would have lost her life by now!

After being reborn, Yun Xi cherished her life more than anyone else!

Yet ironically, in this life, her life was full of drama, especially after meeting Mu Feichi, and she was almost certain that this would continue much longer.

“Bring the box of medicine here.” Yun Xi pointed to the small blue and white box and the needle on the side.

“This is an anesthetic.

You will need to give me a local anesthetic first.

I will point to the place and you will give me the injection.”

The bleeding had already stopped and Zhao Yumo almost fainted when she saw the wound!

“But I cant…”

“I will teach you.

Just stick the needle in and push the medicine in the needle.

Dont be nervous.”

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