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Chapter 691: She Has the Power.

Do You Have the Power?

Seeing Yun Xi unexpectedly arrive at the banquet, Chen Yichen became distracted and ignored all the guests of the other families relatives who had come to talk to him and headed straight for her.

Chen Yichen looked at her dazzling, mesmerizing appearance and wanted to have her all for himself.

In a daze, he called out softly, “Yun Xi…”

He really hadnt expected that she would come.

She had really given him a big surprise!

“Eldest Heir.” Yun Xi nodded at him politely.

Her every movement and gesture were graceful and sophisticated, like a true ladys.

In order to prevent her from being snubbed here, Chen Yichen smiled subtly and said, “Grandma said she misses you, so come with me.”

Yun Xi took a quick glance around the room at the guests.

On the sofa in a corner, Old Madame Chen, Old Master Chen, and Old Master Jiang were sitting together.

Since she was here, and Jiang Henglin had given her a slap in the face so publicly, she had to go over and give the Jiang family an explanation.

“Okay, lets go over and see them.” Yun Xi nodded and followed Chen Yichen.

She didnt realize that her move caused many socialites and heiresses to envy and hate her.

Especially when they saw that she was laughing contentedly while sitting beside Old Madame Chen.

Some of them even wanted to rush forward and drag her away.

After being so obviously coveted by the Eldest Heir and being favored by Old Madame Chen, this little-known Young Madame of the Yun family had instantly become an eyesore in the eyes of all of the socialites and heiresses.

A discussion instantly broke out in the group of heiresses.

“Isnt she the fiancee of the Second Young Master of the Jiang family Why is she playing around with the Eldest Heir now”

“Didnt you see how disdainful the Second Young Master of the Jiang family was toward her He brought her sister to the banquet.

Her sister has already gained the upper position, so what is she”

“Didnt you notice Not only is the Eldest Heir interested in her, but even Old Madame Chen seems to regard her as family.”

“She has the power.

Do you have the power Didnt you see how Old Madame Chen didnt even glance at you just now”


All kinds of mocking, envious voices sounded out, one after another, and each voice was more contemptuous than the previous one had been.

Su Ximan didnt associate with these socialites.

Upon hearing them, she couldnt help but glance at the Old Madames happy face.

This girl was indeed worthy of the envy of these socialites.

There were many things about her that they didnt have.

For example, she had the Eldest Heirs attention and gentle treatment, so even if Jiang Henglin disliked her, so what In their hearts, the Eldest Heir was better and more outstanding anyway.

“Her so-called power was her saving the Eldest Heir and the Old Madame.

They treat her as a benefactor.

With such petty thoughts, you all actually expect the Chen family to take you seriously What a joke!”

“…” Su Ximans ridicule succeeded in attracting the attention of a group of socialites.

On the other side of the room, Yun Xi happily chatted with Old Madame Chen.

The Old Madame didnt like the noise of the banquet since she was old now.

Also, there was no one to talk to at this noisy banquet, so as soon as Yun Xi arrived, she was unwilling to let her go.

The Old Madame of the Jiang family was also sitting not far away, but she didnt like Yun Xi.

There was no other reason besides her belief that the Yun family was too lowly to be worthy of her precious grandson.

But now that she saw that the Old Madame of the Chen family actually liked this girl so much, she felt uncomfortable about her previous opinion.

Also, it just so happened that the Old Master of the Jiang family was very fond of this girl, but she didnt understand what was so good about this girl from the Yun family.

Couldnt he see how their grandson hated her so much

Would he have to wait until theyd become an unhappy couple to give up on the idea of their marriage How foolish!

Old Madame Jiang was the second wife of Old Master Jiang.

She had one son, Jiang Henglins father, Jiang Guozhang, and one daughter, Jiang Wanyun.

The oldest child of the family was Jiang Guonian, who was born to the Old Masters first wife, who had passed away.

Naturally, he wasnt favored by the Old Madame.

After the legs of Jiang Qilin, the oldest grandson, became disabled, in the Jiang family, it was like Jiang Qilin didnt exist.

No one even mentioned the inheritance rights of the oldest grandchild after hed reached adulthood.

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