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Chapter 695: Mentally Prepared For The Tables To Turn

Before Han Qin approached, Yun Xi had already noticed her aggressive and hostile behavior.

She couldnt help but stare at her in return.

Since Han Qin was here to initiate a fight, the Han family better be mentally prepared for the tables to turn on them.

“Old Madam Shen, sorry to disturb your conversation!” Han Qin stepped forward and shot a glare at Yun Xi before continuing with a snarl, “This person next to you doesnt seem to be a guest of todays banquet! This is a family gathering.

It seems inappropriate for irrelevant people to be here, right”

Old Madam Shen knew that this Miss Han was the daughter that the Old Master of the Han family had in his later years.

She was of high seniority and had been spoiled at home.

Everyone knew what the occasion was today.

As a Young Madam of the Han family, was she here to drive people away

Old Madam Shen didnt seem like she wanted to bother to fuss with her, but Jiang Wanyun couldnt stand it anymore.

She would stand up for Yun Xi!

“Miss Han, what do you mean by this”

“Madam Shen, when have irrelevant people ever been invited to the Weiya Banquet I dont think the Young Marshal made an exception this year.”

“Yun Xi is a VIP guest.

She is not someone who is irrelevant.

Miss Han, Im afraid that there might be a misunderstanding.”

“VIP” Han Qin snorted coldly.

“Shes just a lowly girl from the countryside who thinks that she can climb up the social ladder just by coming to this place.

She needs to know her place.

If the rules and tradition are broken, nobody would look good.”

“From Miss Hans point of view, what sort of people should be present at this kind of banquet”

Han Qin deliberately making things difficult made Jiang Wanyuns facial expression turn ugly.

“Of course the relatives of the three prominent clans and the four distinguished families.

This girl doesnt seem to fit any of these criteria I heard that she might be the future daughter-in-law of the Jiang family, but I think Second Young Master Jiang doesnt even seem to like her! Even if shes attending as the Jiang familys fiancee, now, even the Jiang family doesnt welcome her.

What qualifications does she have to appear here”

More and more people were gathering around to see what the commotion was about.

Han Yaotian was entertaining guests at the entrance of the banquet hall, so he couldnt take care of the situation.

Jiang Henglin was fuming with rage but had nowhere to vent his pent up fury.

He happened to see that Han Qin was making things difficult for Yun Xi, so he decided to approach them and enjoy the show.

Shen Yichen listened as Han Qins words became more and more overbearing.

He clenched his fists and walked straight up to Han Qin.

His handsome face was visibly gloomy.

” Miss Han,” he said, “you should be acting as our elder based on your seniority.

And youre not young based on your age either.

And yet here you are, making things difficult for a junior.

Is this the civility that someone from the Han family should have If you dont know your manners, then I might just ask Old Master Han to come over and discipline you!”

“You!” Han Qins face turned pale when she heard those threats.

She turned her attention to the brat in front of her.

“Shen Yichen, you better know your place.

This year is the Han familys turn to host the banquet.

We have the right to maintain the dignity of the family and the safety of the banquet!”

Han Qin abruptly turned to glare at Yun Xi.

She pointed aggressively at here and started shouting loudly.

“Who even knows where this plebeian came from What if she hurts the guests with her ulterior motives Do you want to be responsible for that Or will your Shen family be willing to take this responsibility for the Han family!”

The original crowd of guests gradually calmed down.

No one in the corner noticed that a few figures had come in in quietly through the entrance of the banquet room.

One or two looked at the leader Mu Feichi with respectful eyes.

The three prominent clan leaders had arrived together.

Han Yaotian barely had time to react and he didnt even get the chance to greet him.

Mu Feichis sharp eyes surveyed the banquet room.

Then, he walked straight to the corner.

The mans face was gloomy.

Han Yaotian broke out in cold sweat and he was nervous after the conversation they had in this corner.

In particular, Han Qins last words reverberated in him.

Not only was she hollering “plebeian” but she was also antagonizing the Shen family.

What was Han Qin doing Was she trying to dig her own grave !

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