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Chapter 702: Carry The Pot

Yun Xi retreated to the corner of the hall.

She wasnt very interested in such a banquet.

Today, she was just here to watch the Han family make a fool of themselves.

Han Zhongteng had caused such a big scandal.

On this occasion, to avoid being laughed at, the Han family didnt bring Han Zhongteng with them.

However, the younger generation of the Han family were still treated coldly by many guests!

Han Yaotian came out to greet several guests with their daughters, but Yun Xi noticed that after a few words of courtesy, the guests hurriedly pulled her daughters away with panicked looks on their faces.

It was almost as if they were afraid.

Han Yaotian, innocently implicated, stood there with an awkward expression.

His smile looked like a grimace.

Su Ximan was standing by the side watching the drama, and she spotted two guests who brought their daughters hurrying away from the Han family.

Even the brothers Han Hongbin and Han Chibin saw the embarrassing scene, and their expressions werent pleasant.

There were guests around them that were whispering and mocking the Han family.

Su Ximan, used to being proud and haughty, stood in front of Han Yaotian with a glass of red wine.

Narrowing her eyes, she spoke with a mocking tone, “After Han Zhongteng was grounded, it must have been hard for you, as his big brother, to carry the pot for him.

What an affectionate brother! Hell have to “thank you” afterwards.

After all, after being misunderstood all night, you must feel so wronged!”

Anyone could hear the teasing and ridicule in Su Ximans tone despite the seemingly sympathetic words.

It was a surprise to no one that the four distinguished families frequently stepped on one other, but Su Ximan ridiculing the Han family in front of so many people still made Han Yaotian feel very uncomfortable!

But it happened that he was the host today.

He bore the reputation of the entire Han family.

He couldnt scold her loudly in front of so many people.

He could only gnash his teeth and swallow it.

From the side, Yun Xi watched the two of them diss each other.

Su Ximan was so bold, and it seemed that she didnt take the Han family seriously at all.

Despite his grievances, Han Yaotian could only settle this issue with Han Zhongteng.

Withdrawing her gaze, Yun Xi turned her attention to Yun Chuhan.

Yun Chuhan was helping out in the periphery of the banquet room but she was also absent-mindedly looking at Mu Feichi.

This led to her making careless mistakes, until she was driven out by the foreman.

Yun Ziling was already disliked by the Jiang family, so now, she dared not walk away from Jiang Henglin for a single moment.

After all, she was in a delicate and awkward situation due to her identity.

She didnt have any official status, so she would only get laughed at if she was by herself.

She wasnt stupid, so she followed Jiang Henglin stubbornly.

She followed wherever he went.

Even when she saw Yun Chuhan being scolded by the foreman, she didnt even have the mood to laugh at her.

A few of Jiang Henglins childhood friends came over, and they sized up Yun Ziling very rudely as soon as they came together.

They were all heirs and Young Masters with good backgrounds, but even in front of Yun Ziling, they spoke with no scruples.

“Henglin, do you look down on the Oldest Young Madam of the Yun family or something You even brought the Second Young Madam Youve got guts!”

“Thats right! I think the Oldest Young Madam of the Yun family isnt as ugly as the rumors say she is.

On the contrary, I think shes quite pretty! Are you blind Why do you fancy such a a little fat girl”

“After you publicly brought shame to Grandpa Jiang today, when you go home, be careful if he uses his cane to beat you!”


Jiang Henglin kept being teased by several elders and some friends, all making fun of him and his fiancee.

He started to become even more impatient with Yun Ziling, who was persistently following him everywhere he went!

Meanwhile, Yun Ziling felt so annoyed and embarrassed to be made fun of and mocked by a group of guys.

She really wanted to dig a hole and hide in it!

Yun Xi looked away aloofly.

She then turned away and slowly made her way to the corridor on the right side of the hall.

But as she made her move, two oncoming heiresses directly blocked her retreat.

They came at her aggressively and looked like they were here to pick a fight.

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