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Chapter 703: Romantically Ambiguous

Before Yun Xi could realize what was happening, a woman on her right suddenly reached out and tripped a waiter passing with a tray.

Caught off guard, the waiter tripped.

The tray in his hand shook, and the whole thing started falling toward Yun Xi, who was right in its line of fire.

“Be careful!” Yun Xi whispered to herself.

She jumped sideways, lowered her head, and quickly moved from near the waiter to behind the two women who had tripped the waiter.

While quickly avoiding getting hit by what was on the waiters tray, she also stretched out her hand and forcefully pushed the two women toward the tray.

The waiter fell to the right.

The wine glass on his tray was filled with red wine, and it spilled all over the two women.

Yun Xi had moved very quickly, and, only concerned with one thing, she stepped back to dodge the incoming red wine.

Although the two women were blocking her, she didnt want to get even a little bit of wine on herself.

After all, her dress had been extremely expensive.

However, she hadnt expected that Jiang Qilin, who had suddenly come out of an adjoining corridor, was sitting right behind her at this time.

Her heel was hit by part of his wheelchair, and she ended up on his knee!

The oncoming smell of her fragrance had allowed Jiang Qilin to react quickly.

In order to prevent her from continuing to fall toward him uncontrollably, he reached out to support Yun Xis back with his hands.

Yun Xi reacted and realized there was someone behind her.

She turned to look at the man whod reached out and pushed her, and at the same time noticed Mu Feichi, who was walking toward her with an angry expression.

She suddenly had an inexplicable feeling that all of this was part of a very cheesy plot in a movie.

The two women she had pushed had red wine all over them.

They screamed as they pulled at their clothes.

All kinds of curses and screams were echoing in the corridor…

The waiter looked at the broken wine glass and, in a panic, he apologized to the two women.

One of the women who was wearing a white dress that was now stained with red wine slapped the waiter in the face.

“Scumbag! Look where youre going!” The woman in the white dress looked at her ruined dress.

She had nowhere else to vent her anger.

Although she had taken the initiative to start the fight and had tripped the waiter in the first place, she definitely hadnt expected that the Oldest Young Madame of the Yun family would react so quickly and push her out to block the wine glass.

After all, she hadnt manage to humiliate Yun Xi, but had caused herself to suffer instead.

Such bad luck!

Her companion who had been wearing a light blue dress had also been splashed with a lot of red wine.

Seeing that the neckline of her low-cut dress had gotten wet, the woman raised her head in annoyance.

As she looked up, she also noticed the man who was approaching, and she froze.

“Young…Young Marshal,” the woman in the blue dress whispered, and the woman beside her suddenly turned her head.

She looked at the man who was now close at hand in surprise and embarrassment.

For a moment, she completely forgot how to react.

Mu Feichi paused, then glanced down at the mess.

He had watched the entire scene just now.

If it hadnt been for Yun Xis quick response, she would be the one who was suffering right now.

Very good, she knew how to use other peoples tricks against them.

“Scram!” This sole cold word hissed out from between his thin lips, and this word alone made the two women shiver severely.

Not bothering to care about how ridiculous they looked in this embarrassing state, they picked up the hems of their gowns and, with aggrieved expressions on their faces, they hurriedly walked to the other side of the room.

Yun Xi stood there, embarrassed.

She awkwardly glanced behind her at the man whose lap she had been sitting on.

Their positioning would have seemed a bit too romantically ambiguous to anyone else who had seen them.

“Young Master Jiang, Im really sorry.

I didnt hurt you, did I”

Yun Xi lowered her eyes and glanced at his legs that were covered by a thin blanket.

He was already injured, yet she had fallen onto his lap.

It was…

“Im okay.” Jiang Qilin touched his numb knees, smiled bitterly, and his dark eyes had a gloomy expression.

“Theyre numb anyway, so I couldnt feel anything regardless of whether or not your falling had hurt me.”

“…” Yun Xi really didnt have any idea how to respond to this statement.

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