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Chapter 723: It Was Because He Cared That He Lost Self-control

Even in her previous life, she never thought that she would be able to step into this place.

Yun Xi looked at the mansions around her.

She noticed that the Chinese architectural style had a modern look to it, and that it revealed a simple yet sophisticated taste.

The price of the land here must be insurmountable in this time.

By the era in her last life, the land price had more than doubled.

As for the area where the Mu familys house was located… well the land price was even more out of reach.

There were more than a dozen houses along the way to the mansion.

Each house had a different style, ranging from white walls and black tiles to bucket arches and cornices.

Along the way, there were more than a dozen houses.

With white walls and black tiles, bucket arches and cornices, each house had a different style.

These houses were probably where the other members of the Mu family lived.

Although they didnt stay within the main residence, it was still convenient for them to see one another.

The Mu family lived up to its reputation as a century-old family.

Whether it was through blood relationship or a deep-rooted foundation, everything was so established that its position couldnt be easily shaken.

The car finally stopped at the entrance of a large mansion.

The heavy bronze door featured an ancient architectural design.

The couplets on either sides of the door were also traditional handwritten couplets.

The antique plaque above the main entrance was engraved with two words: Mu Mansion.

Bamboo trees (they werent easy to grow in the north) lined the walls all the way to the surrounding flower beds.

Although it was already deep in winter, faint emerald greenery can be seen under the frost and snow.

The car stopped, and after getting out of the car, the butler opened the door for Yun Xi as if he was welcoming a distinguished guest.

When Yun Xi was still sitting in the car, she suddenly felt anxious.

She turned to look at the man next to her.

She bent her elbow and forcefully jabbed Mu Feichis chest.

“Young Marshal, Ill wait in the car! You can still change your mind now!”

She knew better than anyone what it meant if he brought her into the Mu familys house.

She was giving him the opportunity to back it out now in case Mu Feichi was doing this on impulse and he hadnt thought of the consequences yet.

She didnt want him to regret his decision.

After all, she never would have guessed that she would be involved with such a powerful family.

“Do you think I brought you home on impulse” Mu Feichi snorted lightly, then nudged her cheek with his head tilted.

His dark eyes were filled with both perseverance and seriousness.

“If it wasnt for the fact that youre still underage, I would marry you right now!”

But Mu Feichi wasnt in a hurry, and he had the patience to wait for her to grow up.

Either way, military marriages cannot be divorced.

The two of them can spend a lifetime with each other and grow old together.

Mu Feichi insisted on bringing her to his family home because her resistance provoked him.

Her unwilling attitude made him feel unsure, and also made him worry about the unexpected events that might occur in the future.

If it hadnt been determined that she was his one and only, he wouldnt have to worry about future accidents that were beyond his control.

It was because he cared that he lost self-control.

“…” Yun Xi furrowed her eyebrows, glared at him, and gritted her teeth.

She felt like it was impossible to communicate with him as they werent on the same page.

He gently pushed her out of the car, and Yun Xi was taken aback by the magnificent yet domineering Mu family mansion in front of her.

She subconsciously clenched her fists, tugging at the handcuffs on her wrist.

She couldnt help turning her head to look at the man next to her.

She shook the handcuffs on her hand.

“Young Marshal, are you planning to introduce me to your family with these handcuffs on me”

“Why not Even if they see it, it only proves that we have a deep relationship and were reluctant to be separated even for a moment.”

“Youre lying without even batting an eye!”

“…” The butler watched the two of them show off PDA.

After a while, he walked forward to open the door.

The butler was both pleased and excited.

Maybe this was a good start.

With a girl worthy to stand next to him, the road to the future was looking brighter.

After all, he had endured too many things by himself for so many years.

So if someone could bear the load with him, growing old together would be bliss.

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