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Chapter 740: Her Appearance Might Be Able to Break the Ice

Coming out of the Mu family home, Jiang Chenghuan glanced at the pass Yun Xi was holding and chuckled softly.

“Youre very lucky.

In all of Jingdu, there are very few people who have this pass to enter the Mu family home.

With this pass, the sentry at the door will let you enter directly without gaining the approval of the main house.

Not even Si Wenxuan has this privilege.”

“Its simply so I can treat the old ladys illness.”

“I think Commander Mu has decided to really treat you as his future daughter-in-law.”

“Stop fooling around.

Commander Mu looks down on me.”

Jiang Chenghuan glanced at her, chuckled again, and did not argue with her.

Maybe she hadnt noticed anything, but to Commander Mu and his wife, and to many others who were around them, his words definitely expressed Mu Feichis intentions of making her his wife.

The father and the son had been estranged for many years, but her appearance might be able to break the ice.

When Commander Mu gave her this pass, he was acquiescing to her future identity as Mu Feichis wife, but she hadnt realized it yet.

And Yun Xi didnt realize that the way in which she had explained Mu Feichi to his half-brother demonstrated her knowledge of and care for Mu Feichi.

If she hadnt known him so well and if she hadnt cared about him so much, she wouldnt have bothered to try to explain him to his brother, and she wouldnt have been able to say such wise words.

As the New Year approached, Yun Xis third uncles family returned; even her young cousin Yun Kexin, who had been studying abroad, flew home.

This was the first time Yun Xi had seen Yun Kexin since shed been reborn.

This little cousin was the favorite of her grandfather.

It could be said that the whole family was very envious of her.

When she was studying abroad, their families did not see each other that much.

Even in her previous life, Yun Xi had barely seen this young cousin of hers.

Yun Kexin was the same age as Yun Chuhan, but she didnt have Yun Chuhans scheming mindset.

She enjoyed her carefree life abroad happily and with peace of mind.

Because her third aunt was magnanimous and generous, the daughter shed raised wasnt as arrogant and mean as Liang Xiuqins daughters.

Yun Kexin met Yun Xi for the first time.

After she heard that she had won the International Biology Award, she chatted with her in mixed Chinese and English.

Their words were incomprehensible to the other people in the room, but Yun Xi didnt care.

She asked her about her life studying abroad, and the two had a very merry conversation.

In her last life, because of Yun Xis low self-esteem, Yun Kexin had never taken her seriously and had even acted as if she was invisible.

In this life, Yun Xi didnt want to make Yun Kexin her enemy.

Although Yun Kexin wasnt going to be her ally, as long as she didnt scheme against her, everything would be all right.

Yun Xi was worried about what was going on with Mu Feichi, but she couldnt call directly to ask.

For fear that he could be in the middle of a mission, she secretly sent a message to Grey Wolf.

At this time, Grey Wolf was sitting in the tent.

He looked up at the figure standing next to the monitoring screen and coughed slightly as he said, “Boss, there is information.”

Mu Feichi turned his head and glanced at his laptop screen.

The message had been sent by a person code-named “Sun”.

Mu Feichi knew who it was immediately.

Mu Feichi took a look at the message of concern on the laptop screen, but suppressed the urge to talk to her and said in a deep voice, “There are also hacker masters among the other mercenaries, so be careful when you send messages.”

Grey Wolf lowered his eyes, nodded, and said, “Yes, sir.”

After remaining silent for a moment, Mu Feichi frowned and told Grey Wolf, “Tell her everything is fine, and well talk later.”

The scenes on the monitor were changing, one by one.

Mu Feichi did not pay too much further attention to the message, but continued to stare at the screens while directing the two teams to continue searching.

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