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Chapter 765: Accidentally Exposed Himself

“Its not just me.

I think there are probably many people who have never seen you.

Your identity has always been a mystery.

There are also probably many fake Crocodiles that you keep around you to take the fall for you.

You rarely show your true identity.

I was able to recognize you because you accidentally exposed yourself.”

“Im very curious about what I did to expose myself and make you suspicious.”

He had always been extremely cautious and highly suspicious of everyone, and he had never expected that his disguise would be seen through by a young girl.

This girls intelligence had greatly exceeded his expectations and shocked him very much.

“Theres a saying that ones true colors can be seen from ones appearance.

You have a sinister aura, and you dont look like an upright soldier.

You have a completely different vibe than those of Mu Feichis special forces members who Ive come into contact with.

This is one of the ways that you exposed yourself.

Secondly, youve probably never been to this place before, but the group that developed and built this villa area always had an unwritten rule.

If the head of the household was a male, the villa is usually on the left.

If the head of the household was a female, the villa is usually on the right.

When you headed toward the right at the intersection just now, I realized something was wrong.”

She had been told about this unwritten rule by a real estate agent when she came with to look at nearby real estate in her previous life.

At the time, shed asked why she couldnt choose a villa on the left side.

The reasons given by the real estate agent ranged from astronomy to geography.

The reasons were so complicated and far-fetched that she had to believe they had studied them.

Then she pointed to the dark circles under his eyes and said, “There are heavy dark circles under your eyes, and you look very tired, unlike members of Mu Feichis team.

They have experienced many battles, and their stamina is better than that of ordinary people.

Youre different.

You had to rush from City Y to Jingdu, and you had to hide your whereabouts and avoid the anti-narcotics people and the Ministry of Public Security, as well as the pursuit of Mu Feichis people.

Therefore, you couldnt possibly still feel energetic.”

She had hit the nail on the coffin regarding all of these points.

Crocodile couldnt help but nod in admiration.

She was very smart and very observant.

Even in the face of an enemy like him, she could still talk calmly.

He was really getting more and more curious about this young girl who Young Marshal Mu had his sights set on.

“Just these few blunders made you guess who I am.

Little girl, it seems that I really underestimated you!”

Crocodile suddenly raised his hand and waved.

The people who had been hiding around the villa rushed out and surrounded Yun Xi.

This was the villa area that had the female heads of household.

One hardly ever saw the people who lived there.

It was easier for Crocodiles band to hide themselves here.

Yun Xi glanced at all the mercenaries in camouflage uniforms who were holding guns.

All of them had unfamiliar foreign faces.

There were six people, and six guns were aimed at her head.

Yun Xi narrowed her eyes and glanced at these people.

She wasnt sure if she could handle so many people at once.

Moreover, Crocodile couldnt have only brought these people.

If there were snipers on the commanding heights, it would be even more difficult for her to fight them.

She had a strong sense of self-preservation.

Resisting at this time wasnt part of her plan.

Crocodile smiled smugly when he saw her face showing fear.

There was a fierce murderous rage and smugness on his sullen face.

“Even if you guessed who I am, so what Now, you have still fallen into my hands.

Now that I have you, Mu Feichi will obediently give up.

I used a small ruse to lure him away.

Youre a little sheep all alone at my mercy now.”

Yun Xi smiled mockingly and said, “If you think that Mu Feichi could be fooled so easily, then you must be really stupid.”

Upon hearing this, Crocodiles expression changed, and he said, “What do you mean”

“You might have lured him away, but how do you know that he has no backup And why are you so confident that your people are a match against his special forces team”

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