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Chapter 770: Fight-to-the-Death Situation

Walking up the gangplank onto the deck, Mu Feichis powerful footsteps in his army boots rang out step by step.

His lofty, awe-inspiring aura immediately stunned everyone present.

Yun Xi stayed slumped down on the deck, silently watching him walking while cutting open the ties that bound her hands.

There was no fear in this mans eyes, nor arrogance like that of Crocodile, but only a mysterious sullenness and calm.

Confronting him face-to-face, Crocodile suddenly felt Mu Feichis imposing presence.

He subconsciously reacted by pulling Yun Xi up from the ground and pressing the cold muzzle of a gun against her forehead.

“As expected of the Young Marshal of the military, you do everything without regard for the consequences.”

Mu Feichis collision with his boat had immediately agitated Crocodile.

Once water started leaking into the boat, they would be helpless.

Was Mu Feichi planning to kill him

Mu Feichi walked forward, and his sharp eyes fell on the muzzle on Yun Xis forehead.

His eyebrows frowned slightly as he said, “Why, are you scared”

“Scared Do I look like someone who is afraid of dying Crocodile stretched out his hand and clasped Yun Xis neck tightly.

His eyes revealed a fierce expression.

He no longer had the confidence and smugness he had had before.

“Even if I am to die, I will drag your woman with me.

It is you who have caused this fight-to-the-death situation.

This entire place is under my control, so why do you think I would be afraid”

Mu Feichis sharp eyes saw Yun Xis arm moving.

Knowing that she had broken free from the ropes that had bound her, he turned his head and looked around at the mercenaries facing him.

There were seven people on the first deck and five people on the second deck.

There were no obstacles around the deck that could serve as shields.

If a battle broke out, he must ensure her safety.

Even if she jumped into the sea, he didnt know whether her swimming skills were good enough for her to survive.

He turned and looked at Crocodile coldly.

“Since Im here to make a deal, I still stand by my word.

I have your stuff.”

Crocodile sneered, pulled Yun Xi back toward the railing, tilted his head, and glanced at the hull that had been hit.

The hull had a large hole, and the ship would probably sink within half an hour.

What he wanted now was more than just his stuff.

He also needed a boat to escape in.

Looking at Mu Feichis boat, he saw that its sharp bow had been painted with a silver coating, and the hull hadnt been damaged in any way.

Obviously, his boat had been remodeled so that it wouldnt be damaged if it was in a collision.

Was it because it had been made by the military or was it because he had prepared for this move

No matter how he looked at it, it was more likely to be the latter.

Even if he had come prepared, he couldnt have known in advance that they would be on the high seas, unless…

Thinking of a certain possibility, he was unable to control the panic and anxiety in his heart.

He pressed the gun against Yun Xis forehead more forcefully, and a fierce expression flashed across his anxious face as he said, “Mu Feichi, youd better not play tricks with me.

I can die, but if your woman dies…Im afraid you wont be happy, am I right”

Mu Feichi frowned and, stalling for time for the special forces lurking on the ship to be ready to attack, he said coldly, “Tell me the conditions!”

“Give me my stuff and your boat too.”

“All right.

Your boat is going to sink soon.

The stuff is on my boat.

Go and get it by yourself.”

“You cant negotiate terms with me now.

Who knows whether or not your people are lying in ambush on your boat.

You go get it.”

“What about her”

“When I get to a safe place, I will let her go.”

Mu Feichi sneered, and his dark eyes instantly became piercing and fierce.

“I dont like to negotiate terms with outlaws, and I dont like bargaining with them even more.”

As soon as he finished talking, he suddenly waved his hand and ordered in a deep voice, “Do it!”

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