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Chapter 779: In Order to Make You Happy, I Would Give the Entire Country to You

In a few days, using the excuse of going to visit at the Chen familys home, Yun Xi went to give Jiang Qilin acupuncture and moxibustion.

She had gotten her visa and passport by using Mu Feichis connections, and they had been processed as quickly as possible for her.

Yun Yuanfeng had realized that there was no hope of his establishing ties with the Young Marshal, so he gave up on this idea and began to prepare for the upcoming election by using his own connections.

It costs money to campaign and to encourage ones connections.

In order to attain the position of director, Yun Yuanfeng almost bankrupted himself.

From Mu Feichi, Yun Xi got the names of several bigwigs that Yun Yuanfeng had recently established ties with.

Judging from the amount of money he had put into this campaign, she could tell that her father was quite rich.

Sitting cross-legged on the sofa, Yun Xi looked at the man who was disrupting the sand table deployment.

With her head propped up on her arm, she looked up at him.

“Young Marshal, you have a key number of votes at your command, so why didnt my dad come to see you and try to win you over”

Mu Feichi pulled out a model airplane, and he paused.

He looked up at her and said, “Why, do you want your dad to use money to bribe me”

“No, my dad had originally wanted to establish ties with you through me, but unfortunately, he didnt succeed at that.

If he had had ties with you, all the money hes used to bribe these corrupt officials would have gone to you.”

“Well, youre right about that.

Whats mine is yours.

After all the game playing and influence peddling, in the end, the money would still have gone into your pocket.

Is that what you meant”

Yun Xi nodded, but, after thinking about it carefully, she felt that something was wrong.

“It would be better to give it to you than to the others.”

“Do I look like I have a shortage of money”

“Im short of money.”

“Okay, well use the sand table as a confrontation match.

The Red Army is you, and the Blue Army is me.

If your sea, land, air, and special forces assault deployment plans satisfy me, I will let your dad use my connections and the money he uses to bribe me will all be yours.”

With shining eyes, Yun Xi teased him, “How can you be so depraved, Young Marshal What about your principles as a soldier Where is your pride as a Young Marshal”

She had just been talking casually, yet he had actually taken it seriously.

“For you, what wont I do In order to make you happy, I would give the entire country to you.”

“I dont want to be a femme fatale.” Of course, she believed in the truthfulness of his words.

“Im willing to do whatever I can just to make you smile.”

Mu Feichi stood up, picked up the hot chocolate cup shed been holding, took a sip, and pointed at the sand table that he had messed up.

“Go!” he ordered.

His attitude of not taking no for an answer demonstrated his persistence and confidence.

Yun Xi snatched back her cup, stood up, and looked at the disrupted sand table.

Today was the first day of military exercises and military combat.

The first thing hed asked her to do was to make military deployments.

He was simply giving her a hard time.

Even if she doesnt have to go to the battlefield in the future, she has to memorize military strategies and action plans.

Mu Feichi has a saying that is correct: “The person who can truly control the overall situation will be the final winner.”

If she wants to have the last laugh, she must have all sorts of skills.

She stood by the sand table and pondered over the deployment of the Blue Army for a long time.

Whether it was the deployment that she could see or the hidden strategies that she couldnt see, she didnt dare to omit anything, for fear that she would fall into Mu Feichis trap if she was too careless.

After much contemplation, she slowly began to arrange the Red Armys land, sea, and air deployments.

As soon as her arrangements were completed, Mu Feichi stood up.

He held a model tank in his hand and directly inserted it on her turf.

Before he had even said a word, Yun Xi realized that she had fallen into a trap, and she rushed to protect her turf.

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