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Chapter 783: Do I Look That Desperate to You?

A few years ago, Mu Feichi had been a young man in his early 20s, but he was already serving as an instructor.

He was such a gifted and demanding instructor that he turned out many highly capable students.

Yun Xi couldnt even imagine Mu Feichis true strength.

Now, at this time, she had been humbled by him once again.

No wonder he had never let her fight side by side with him.

Someone like her who couldnt even be called a rookie really wasnt qualified to fight side by side with him.

Looking over an air parachute knife, Yun Xi leaned on the wooden frame and contemplated the man in front of her, intrigued.

She tilted her head slightly and chuckled as she asked, “Instructor Zilan has been with you for the longest time, so why didnt you take an interest in her The age difference between you two isnt that large, and Instructor Zilan is very beautiful when she takes off her makeup.

Shes fully qualified to be your wife.”

What she said made Mu Feichi laugh.

How could he not know her ulterior motives for saying such a thing

With his eyes downcast, he raised his hand and squeezed her rosy cheek.

His dark eyes were filled with mysterious mirth as he answered her, “Babe, I dont date people who are fighting by my side.”

Yun Xi looked puzzled, as she said, “Arent I by your side as well”

“So what I just like you.

I dont care if youre by my side.

I wont let go of someone I have my sights set on.

Li Zilan has been around for a long time.

I only treat her as a younger sister and of course I cant lay hands on her.

Besides, do I look that desperate to you”

“Who knows!” Perhaps it was because what he said pleased her or his domineering attitude inexplicably tugged at her heartstrings, but, in short, she was in a good mood.

“From now on, its good that you know it.”

Mu Feichi started to explain the wooden shelves around her, row by row.

“Get familiar with all of these now.

The stuff that Li Zilan taught you simply scratched the surface.

This is the real deal.”

Yun Xi nodded, then glanced at the bookshelves embedded in the surrounding walls.

“Have you finished reading so many military books”

“Of course.

Each member of the special forces has different responsibilities.

Later, I will test your marksmanship.

If Im satisfied that you are good enough to be a sniper, you can choose what exactly your main interests will be in the future.

I dont want you to be in the front line of battles.

Bullets are completely indiscriminate.

That wont be suitable for you.

However, there are millions of things you must learn, and I think your focus should be on becoming a sniper.”

“You really underestimate me!” Yun Xi gave him a sullen look.

To think that he had promised that he wouldnt go easy on her or be too protective.

“Dont underestimate snipers.

Do you think that all a sniper does is shoot at the target from a distance The way you shot Crocodile was far worse than that of even a rookie!”

He pointed to a wall in front of him and said, “A sniper has to do everything from infiltration, psychological warfare, initiating contact from behind enemy lines, communication of intelligence, selection and use of security points, combat, adaptation to the customs of the target country and region, political and military, etc.

These are all things that must be learned and studied thoroughly.

Its not just marksmanship.”

After he said all this, Yun Xi became serious.

The road ahead was going to be long.

She was still an ignorant little girl, and she really had a lot to learn.

“There is still some time before school starts, so seize the chance to work hard.”

Yun Xi nodded, and, suddenly thinking of something, she raised her head, saying, “By the way, have those mercenaries learned all this”

“Of course, most of the mercenaries are retired special forces members.

They are unwilling to be ordinary citizens, so most of them will choose to be mercenaries and continue to kill and fight.”

Mu Feichi saw that something was wrong from her facial expression, and he frowned, asking, “Whats wrong Why are you suddenly asking about this Havent you fought against mercenaries You should know how capable they are.”

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