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Chapter 915: Joint Effort

Standing beside the wall, Yun Xi turned on the flashlight and used it to flash a message in Morse code to Mu Feichi, the faint light blinking in the dark night.

Mu Feichi understood what she was signaling and made a hand sign to one of the Italian teammates who was nearest to him.

He then led the team to slowly advance through the grass.

The light of the night sky in the rain forest was exceedingly dim, while a faint mist spread through the woods carrying a pungent scent of blood.

After crossing through the minefield zone, the seven people encircled the house and the cottages from different directions.

Mu Feichi was in charge of the main house, while Yun Xi went to the hut at the side to find the three experts who were being held hostage.

Everything happened silently, and the chirps of the insects concealed the sounds of their movements.

No one among the attackers dared to loosen their focus as they still werent sure how many people were inside the house.

Yun Xi moved from the bamboo fence to the small hut at the side.

Because it was so close to the house, no one was guarding it.

She swiftly vaulted over the fence and pushed open the bamboo door of the hut.

The hut was illuminated by faint candlelight.

The three experts kidnapped from Jun Country were tied together with their backs facing each other, their mouths sealed with duct tape.

Yun Xi tiptoed in, making a hand gesture to shush them.

As she cut the ropes restraining them, she explained, “Im from Jun Country.

Im here to rescue you guys.

Do not shout or scream, follow me and try to move lightly.”

The three nodded their heads as muffled sounds came from behind the duct tape on their faces.

Theyve been living in terror for the past few days, and now, finally, someone had come to rescue them.

As Yun Xi helped them to remove the duct tape, one of the experts wearing glasses saw Yun Xis face and became a little skeptical, “How come they only sent a kid like you No one else is coming”

If it was just her alone, there were still so many mercenaries out there.

No way they were going to be able to escape.

If they ran out right now and got captured again, those vicious, brutal devils would be really agitated.

Theyd definitely just end their lives straight away!

His concerned question exposed the one thing that the three were most afraid of at that moment.

Yun Xi immediately realized what they were worried about, and she smiled and consoled them.

“Its not just me, there are 11 people on the team.

You guys are very lucky that theyre all very highly trained special forces soldiers.

No worries, we will rescue you guys, no problem!”

“Oh, thank God, thank God…”

When the other two heard that there were more than ten people who had come to their rescue, they were overjoyed, and they heaved sighs of relief.

“You guys come with me first.

They need to settle things with the people inside the house.”

Yun Xi stood up and nodded toward them, and then led them outside.

“Be careful!” Just as they walked out of the door, a mercenary who had gone to relieve himself in the bushes suddenly came back.

He immediately fired a bullet straight at Yun Xi without a seconds hesitation.

Yun Xi reacted instantly, twisting her body and pouncing down on the expert who was standing right behind her.

BANG! The bullet went straight into the wall of the hut.

If it hadnt been for Yun Xis reaction speed, in just one more second at least one of them would have died.

Without getting up from the ground, Yun Xi swiftly drew her silenced pistol from the holster at her thigh and shot the mercenary in the chest.

“Quick, go!” She stood up from the ground and pulled up the expert whom she had shoved over just now.

She led them through the side gate toward the Z-shaped stairs.

At the foot of the mountain, Yun Xi saw Mu Feichi who had just come out of the house.

Hed made quick work of the mercenaries in there.

The two of them exchanged looks, but Yun Xi saw Mu Feichi shake his head at her.

“They arent inside!” Mu Feichi ran forward.

They had already dealt with the rest of the mercenaries who were around, while their Italian teammates released the village chief and his family who had been locked up in another cottage.

The Italian soldiers were patiently trying to explain the operation to them using a combination of broken local language and hand signs.

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