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Chapter 925: Embarrassing Mother

After being away from Jingdu for so long, Yun Xi urgently wanted to know what the situation was like in various areas of the city, especially the recent movements of the Qiao and Han families.

If she recalled correctly, many things had happened during this year in her past life.

This was the year when the Qiao family rose to power.

Regardless of who would become the key factor in the Qiao familys rise, she didnt want too many things to happen that were outside of her control.

After all, she had already started playing this game, and both the Qiao family and the Han family were important pieces on the board.

The moment she returned home, she asked for all the information on Jingdu during the past three months from Grey Wolf.

She didnt even allow herself time to adjust from jet lag.

Grey Wolf sent her the documents straight away.

Using the time before dinner, she looked through the Qiao familys recent movements in detail.

As she had expected, the Qiao family had really gained power fast during this period.

On the other hand, after the Crocodile incident, the Han family had been rather quiet during this time.

But the more quiet they were, the more she felt like this was just the calm before the storm.

Another interesting thing was that Qiao Ximin and Liang Xinyi were both doing the same thing during the past three months.

They were both going through training at socialite classes.

Although the timing of the Socialite Ball hadnt been confirmed yet, all of the ladies in the entire upper class of Jingdu were doing their absolute best to get a spot at it.

Some of them were looking to marry into wealthy, powerful families, while others were aiming at the main organizer of the party this time: Young Commander Mu Feichi.

It seemed that Liang Xinyi still hadnt given up her ambition of climbing up the social ladder.

Even though she now had a notorious reputation, she was determined to put up a fight for her dreams of luxury and splendor.

Compared to her previous life when she used everything at her disposal, she didnt have such strong ambition now when things seemed to be going her way.

In this life, Liang Xinyi had been forced into a corner by Yun Xi and had to use every method, foul or fair, to get what she wanted.

This included sullying herself in exchange for what she wanted.

She was really able to be ruthless to herself.

Yun Xi was quite looking forward to what would happen if she destroyed everything that she had.

Would she lose it altogether

Chen Lixue had received a sum of money from Yun Yuanfeng.

But all she had done for the past three months was to gossip with the other housewives in the neighborhood where she lived, depleting the money.

Yun Xi thought that Liang Xinyi would sell away her mother for her own future.

It seemed that she had overestimated Chen Lixue.

Looking at how myopic and cheap she was and how she fawned over those of higher status, it was going to be difficult for her to go from mistress to madam.

If she wasnt able to find a husband, then there would be much to worry about concerning Liang Xinyis future.

Since she seemed to be having so much trouble, Yun Xi decided to help them.

As she looked at the map of relations between the various families, Yun Xi thought of a suitable candidate.

Her uncle would get better and better, so she must completely block off this path for Chen Lixue.

A faint sound suddenly came from the infrared sensors.

Yun Xi turned toward the closed door.

Moments later, someone knocked on the door.

Second Aunts voice came from outside the door, “Yun Xi, are you awake Come down and eat.”

“Im awake.

Ill come now!” Yun Xi picked up her laptop and stood up to open the door.

She smiled and looked at Second Aunt, “Hows everything been at home while I was gone”

“Everything has been good.

After you came back with first place in three subjects, your dad really had something to be proud of in the residences.

The funniest thing was your mother trying to use your achievements to get close to the madams of the other families in the residences.

But the people here are all quite discerning, and they know the ridiculous things that she has done, so none of them were friendly toward her.

But she was still fawning over them despite being given the cold shoulder.

Its a good thing that you werent here, because even just looking at her was embarrassing.

If she really wanted to benefit from your achievements, she shouldve treated you better back in the day and this wouldnt have happened.

Now shes just despised by everyone.”

Yun Xi smiled.

She was well aware of Liang Xiuqins character.

There was no hope of her changing for the better.

Even if some day, she had a revelation and really changed and started to treat her better, Yun Xi probably still wouldnt like her.

She could never forget the hatred shed had for her when shed disfigured her face in her previous life.

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