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Chapter 982: Meeting Su Donglin

The elevator buzzed to a stop on the floor where the restaurant was located.

At the entrance of the restaurant, Su Donglin waited patiently with the manager of the restaurant.

Hearing the sound of the elevator, he made his way forward to welcome the arriving guests.

Two figures came out of the elevator, and Su Donglin could not help but look at the small figure beside Mu Feichi.

Surprisingly, the person who had come with him was a young girl.

Not surprisingly, he had seen her before.

During the Weiya Banquet, the Young Commander unceremoniously threw an invitation into Miss Hans face.

On the surface, he seemed to be standing up for the Yao family, but Su Donglin could see that the Young Commander was supporting this girl.

All the people present had been proud of their noble descent and family heritage, so they did not pay much attention to such an inconspicuous little guest.

However, he was different, and he had been paying attention to both of them that night.

She was a low-key girl who could elicit the Young Commanders protective nature and have him even be protective of her aunt.

If there hadnt been anything special about her, Su Donglin wouldnt have given her a second look.

But later, when he asked Su Ximan about the girls identity, it was not what he had expected at all.

He was a good judge of character, and he could tell that the young girl was not simple.

She was treated with respect as the eldest Miss Yun; she was Jiang Henglins fiancee; she had been the savior of Old Madame Chen; and even Han Yaotian paid a lot of attention to her.

It was surprising that a young girl like her had connections with these three major families.

What made him feel the most incredulous, however, was the Young Commanders enigmatic attitude toward her.

Which woman would not want to get involved with the Young Commander However, she was so low key that people could not notice the slightest trace of involvement with Mu Feichi, and the Young Commander even deliberately concealed the fact that they knew each other.

If the Young Commander of Jun Country did not want to protect her, who could make the dignified Young Commander do such a thing

Today, the Young Commander had brought her here in person for this private meeting, which made him wonder about the Young Commanders intentions.

“Young Commander, welcome!” Su Donglin stepped forward and shook hands with Mu Feichi politely.

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows and scrutinized the man in front of her.

His lithe body was clothed in a white shirt and pants.

Coupled with his willowy features, he looked gentle and approachable.

From his behavior, one could tell that this man was sophisticated and aristocratic, and he was an unforgettable character.

Standing beside Mu Feichi, this man did not seem like he was a subordinate to him, because he was just as outstanding and stately.

He seemed to have a temperament that was different than other mens.

Since Yun Xis return, she had seen all kinds of men, but it was the first time she had seen such a graceful and aristocratic man.

“Hello, Miss Yun!” Su Donglin nodded at her politely, his thin lips curling into a smile.

His cool breath was as gentle as his demeanor.

She could see that his deep, dark eyes were clear and calm, without any of the frivolity or arrogance of ordinary men, and devoid of any surprise or insult caused by her presumptuous presence.

A persons character reflected ones upbringing.

Just like Mu Feichi had said, this man was not an ordinary character.

Fortunately, she did not regard the Su family as an enemy yet.

Otherwise, she might stand no chance against this youngest patriarch of the Su family.

Yun Xi looked at Su Donglin in surprise and asked with a musical laugh, “How do you know my last name is Yun”

It was not the first time that she and he had met, but her second aunt of the Yao family had been in the limelight at the Weiya Banquet, and she had thought that she had remained sufficiently low key to not attract any attention.

Su Donglin naturally would not say that he had investigated her and replied with a straight face, “My younger sister admires Miss Yun very much.”

Yun Xi thought that Su Donglin used the term admire very interestingly.

She did not know if Su Ximan admired her, but she recalled that she had helped her out during the Weiya Banquet, and she would remember this favor.

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