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Chapter 989: Fish Takes the Bait

He was lucky that this young girl seemed so easy to fool.

If that had not been possible, he was sure his features alone would have charmed the two girls.

This was no big deal for him.

Yun Xi was young and had just entered college.

He assumed she had no experience of the outside world.

This was going to be a piece of cake.

Sadly for him, he had absolutely no idea what experts at acting the two girls sitting before him were.

“Oh, you mean Mu Feichi Why do you ask” Yun Xi did not confirm or deny knowing him, and this gave Qiao Lixin a ray of hope.

“I heard that the Young Commander had been injured and that you often visited him to change his bandages.

So I assume that youve met him in person quite often.

Honestly, I have always wanted to pay him a visit.

I was not around for the Weiya Banquet so Ive never had a chance to meet him.”

Yun Xis face fell, and she did not reply.

She could not believe that Mu Feichi had dared to use the injuries as an excuse again.

“I…did have to change bandages for him, but the Young Commander is not willing to meet just anybody.”

“Hey, were from the same school, right.

Please help me out here.

I only want to visit him in a proper manner.

If you face any trouble at school in the future, you can tell me.

I will definitely help you.”

“If you want to meet him, you should find one of his men.

Why me Im not close to him, and even if I ask, he might not be willing to meet you.”

“Be more confident in yourself.

There are no other doctors around the Young Commander, so if he would let you treat him, he must trust you a lot.”

If she had not been someone he trusted, she would not have been allowed to go up the mountain or even to be within ten feet of him.

There was no other way Qiao Lixin could go about it.

Without a doubt, this girl had a special status.

She did not have a vigorous training background, nor did she have a particularly outstanding reputation.

If she could meet the Young Commander in person and he has placed his trust in her, she was useful to him.

If he could have her on his side, it would be easy to gain access to the Young Commander.

“But the Young Commander might not be willing to…” Yun Xi wore a conflicted expression.

“Dont worry, all you have to do is ask.

Just tell him Im the eldest son of the Qiao family.

He probably knows who I am.

If he is willing to meet with me, then you can take me up there.

Is that all right with you I really have some important business to discuss with him.

Please help me out.”

She was his only means of meeting the Young Commander, but he did not dare to be too aggressive.

If he didnt handle himself correctly, he wouldnt be able to meet the Young Commander at all, and in the worst-case scenario, he could offend the Young Commander.

The downfall of Qiao Ximin was before his very eyes, and he could not wait for another opportunity such as this.

Yun Xi thought about it and eventually nodded.

“Well, I guess I can give it a try.”

Looking up, she met his eyes and frowned a little bit.

“Im going to the Young Commander this afternoon, and I will ask him if he is willing to meet with you.

I will let you know.

But if hes not, then theres nothing more I can do about it.”


Im sorry to trouble you.

I will definitely repay you for this.

If you need any help in the future, you can count on me.”

Qiao Lixin took out his card and passed it to Yun Xi.

“If there are any updates, please do notify me.

I can be reached at this address.”

Yun Xi kept his card.

She had not realized how easy it would be to fool Qiao Lixin.

He acted the same as Han Yaotian, who had tried to use her to get to the Young Commander previously.

He lacked tact, and it was no wonder that he could not compete with Qiao Ximin.

With a slight turn of her head, she caught sight of the red car parked down the road.

Her lips perked up into a smirk as she held up her drink and sipped indulgently.

Qiao Ximin reacted fast.

She had already guessed what Qiao Lixin was asking Yun Xi.

All she had to do was to wait for Mu Feichis appearance.

After they left the cafe, Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo found an excuse to continue their shopping trip while Qiao Lixin headed toward the villa residences.

Once he was out of sight, Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo exchanged looks and smiled in unison.

The fish had taken the bait, and all that was left to do would be handled by Mu Feichi.

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