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941 Chapter 941

The next day arrived.

After a decent nights sleep, Lucifer woke up.

Today was the day when the final was supposed to happen.

They were on the last stretch of the trials.

Just a little more, and he could leave this place.

He took another shower, possibly his last here, since he believed by the night, the Trials were going to be over, and everyone was going to be waiting outside for them.

He got ready.

This time, he wore his old attire.

Since these were the finals, there were no restrictions on what they could wear.

They didnt just have to wear the uniform or their number tags.

Since there were only nine people in the finals, it was easy to keep track of them.

Lucifer returned to his old attire, which was made from the Cardigan Particles.

On top of his darker shade of clothes, he donned a beautiful robe.

He was finally ready, looking like an heir from a wealthy family like the three seeds.

After getting ready, he left his room.

He walked down the stairs, noticing many youngsters leaving as well.

Even though they werent going to be in the finals, they were still curious about who was going to win.

The people that had a mocking gaze on their faces when they first saw Lucifer now had fearful gazes since they had seen what Lucifer was capable of.

From the last ranked before the event started, Lucifer had reached this far.

He had topped so many events, becoming the top scorer in them.

With the help of those events, he had managed to increase his rank to the third position.

And if he could bring it to the first rank by the time the event ended, he was going to be the winner.

The youngsters cleared a path for Lucifer, letting him take the lead.

Lucifer left the tower and stood before the bridge outside, waiting for the others to arrive.

He occasionally glanced at the mountain, wondering if Gabriel was still waiting.

The other youngsters maintained their distance from Lucifer.

Today, he was allowed to wait in the lead.

Maya and Malin also arrived.

Malin wore a black gown which was somewhat surprising since Lucifer felt that it could affect her mobility.

He found her choice slightly weird, but he didnt comment.

They werent a team anymore, after all.

‘ʀᴇᴀᴅ ʟᴀᴛᴇsᴛ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴀᴛ No(v) e lBin ᴏɴʟʏ.,

Maya, on the other hand, was looking even more bizarre.

She was wearing white pant and a shirt, but on top of that, it was as if she had donned an entire armor.

She had white shoulder plates, white gauntlets, shoes, and everything.

Now that there were no restrictions on what they could wear, she wore all her tech that she had brought with her.

Because she wasnt allowed to wear such things before, she was at a massive disadvantage which was now removed.

She walked closer to Lucifer and stood beside him.

“Ready for today”

“You seem excited”


I finally feel like myself again,” Maya clashed her fists.

“I feel like Ill do great today.

And who knows, I might even defeat you.”

“I doubt Ill let anyone take this win from me,” Lucifer responded.

“But still, give your best.

Itll at least be fun.”

He turned to Malin.

“As for you… What do you think youre wearing Are you going to a ball dance”

Even though Lucifer didnt want to question Malin, he couldnt control himself.

Her choice was just so bizarre.

“I know what Im doing.

Theres a reason behind what I wore.

Im not sure how good Ill do, but Ill give it my all.

And today, there wont be any surrendering.”

The other finalists also started arriving one after another.

Maya observed the attire of everyone.

She even gave an explanation to Lucifer about what those attires were, what they were made from, and what their advantages were.

“Why are you telling me all that Arent we competitors”

Lucifer wondered if she had forgotten that they werent a team anymore.

The information she was giving him, she could use for her advantage instead.

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“You helped me get this far.

I can at least help you to some extent here,” Maya answered.

“Moreover, not like Im telling you my weakness.

Im telling you the strengths of what they chose to wear.”

She kept her strengths and weaknesses to herself, only telling the specialties of the attires of different worlds.

While some were more resistant to attacks, some protected the wearer by alerting them of attacks.

Meanwhile, there were also some robes that were even more special, especially the one that was worn by Ron.

Seeing Ron come out, even Maya appeared somewhat surprised.

Rob was donning a violet robe that covered his shoulders.

He seemed to be wearing the clothes that were made from the same material as the robe.

“Thats interesting.

Why would he” She frowned.

“Whats about his clothes”

“His clothes arent from a material thats used to protect.

When hes wearing those clothes, each attack on his body is amplified.

Its like he wants to receive amplified attacks for some reason.

Is he really looking to lose That man is really weird…”

Maya couldnt understand why he would wear such a useless thing, especially on the day of finals.

Unlike her, Lucifer had done interaction with him.

He had started understanding Ron to some extent.

“He wants to be challenged… Hes here to win, but he wants to win under harder circumstances,” he explained.

Ron came to Lucifer, flashing a smile.

“Remember our bet No matter who wins here, youre coming to my home as our guest.”

“You know Ive killed Mander.

The Flame Lords can create trouble for you.”

Even though Lucifer wanted to go with Mander after getting his own ship, he was still upfront about the problems he could attract.

He didnt want Ron to say no later on.

“Dont worry about the Rasin Clan.

Its not like I killed Mander.

They cant dictate who we can or cant have as a guest.

And creating trouble over that will just be stupid of them.

If I had killed them, then they couldve,” Ron explained.

“So dont worry about them.”

Raayi was the last person to come out.

Similar to Malin, she was also wearing a gown.

Her snow-white gown seemed to be made from the purest of snow.

It was much thicker than Malins gown and seemed even more beautiful.

It made Raayi look like the ice princess.

“The Gown of Ice Queen.

Quite interesting that her mother let her bring that gown here.

It was as if her mother knew what the final was going to be about.” Ron frowned, noticing the womans gown.

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