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Chapter 1025: Are You Touched

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The man laughed lazily.

“Its quite fun.” He deliberately dragged his tone with a hint of contempt.

“Touch your heart and tell me.

Are you touched at all”

In a daze, Li Yinian felt the mans deep breath beside her ear, making her cheeks heat up unconsciously.

“No.” She composed herself and said calmly, “Qiao Yanze, I only think that youre very boring.”

The man seemed to let out a low grunt, but he was not discouraged.

After spending so many years with this woman, he had long understood her personality and would not be affected by her.

“You have a performance tonight” Qiao Yanze suddenly changed the topic, his voice still lazy.

Li Yinian nodded.

“Im going to start preparing.”

“Do you want me to come personally” Qiao Yanze chuckled again.

“Theres no need!” Li Yinian said as she hung up the phone forcefully.

However, her heart started to race.

She was frustrated.

After so many years, she had thought that her heart was as calm as water, but it turned out that her heart was still in turmoil.

Perhaps she should have been more stubborn back then.

If she had not compromised, perhaps this man would have given up after three years, but she was too soft-hearted.

Or maybe it wasnt because she was soft-hearted, but because she was also greedy for that little bit of warmth in her heart, even though she knew it was like drinking poison to quench her thirst.

She heaved a long sigh of relief and threw all the random thoughts out of her mind.

Then, she began to prepare for tonights performance.

In the end, Qiao Yanzes passionate declaration of pursuit had cooled down because of Li Yinians coldness.

The crowd waited excitedly for a long time, but there was no response from her.

They could not help but feel disappointed.

However, to Li Yinian, this action had helped her solidify her fans.

After all, most of her fans worshipped her as a goddess.

If she accepted him easily because of Qiao Yanzes status, her fans would inevitably be disillusioned.

Now that they saw how cold the goddess was towards Qiao Yanze, on one hand, they were convinced by the goddesss noble and aloof character, but on the other hand, they also had the pleasure of shaming Qiao Yanze, especially the male fans.

Of course, there were also many fans who criticized her because they felt sorry for Qiao Yanze.

However, this was not the mainstream and did not affect Li Yinians popularity at all.

After a few days, although the discussion on Weibo had died down, novels related to the two of them appeared on various forums like bamboo shoots after the rain.

Fans of the couple kept growing and it was a magnificent sight.

They went to Qiao Yanzes Weibo everyday to encourage him not to give up easily.

One day, Qiao Yanze was bored and even reposted one of them, saying with certainty that he would never give up.

It immediately caused a heated discussion on the Internet.

Just as the scandal between Qiao Yanze and Li Yinian gradually cooled down, a new entertainment news attracted the attention of the public.

“The original female lead ofThe World, Xu Luwei, left the production team because she was unwell.

Shes actually the replacement”

Under this title was a photo of Ye Shengge.

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Although Ye Shengge had retired for three years, it did not mean that the audience had forgotten about her.

After all, her previous works were all classics, and “The Legend of Xue Ning” was still on rerun on satellite TV.

Therefore, although her popularity was not high, her popularity was not low at all.

When the netizens saw this news, they were all surprised..

Ye Shengges fans were even more excited.

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