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Chapter 1026: The Feeling of Loss

Accompanied by this official announcement, the official Weibo of Shisheng Studio specially reposted and tagged Ye Shengge, warmly welcoming her comeback with the hashtag #FinallySeeingYouAgain.

At the same time, Ye Shengge also posted on Weibo, announcing her return.

Her tone was very casual, but it made some of her loyal fans so excited that they cried!


In an instant, the fans flooded the screen with #FinallySeeingYouAgain and soon, she was trending.

Under Shang Tianyis meticulous planning, Ye Shengges return appeared to be grand and unassuming.

This calmness exuded a sense of nonchalance, showing her strong confidence.

Besides, her comeback time was too coincidental.

Some time ago, when Ji Shiting returned to take over T.S.

Corporation, his wife had offered to resign.

Not long after, Ye Shengge returned.

Netizens could not help but link the two together.

Faced with all sorts of wild guesses and rumors online, Ye Shengge participated in an interview with a media outlet and a talk show arranged by Shang Tianyi.

Naturally, the host asked about her life in the past few years.

She smiled and said that she had gone overseas to study and charge.

She didnt want the netizens to focus their attention on the identity of Mrs.

Ji, so this was what she and Shang Tianyi would say after discussing it.

The netizens were very accepting of this statement.

After all, Ye Shengge seemed to be in a better state now.

That kind of temperament after settling down made her appear even more charming.

Furthermore, if Ye Shengge was really Mrs.

Ji, there was no need for her to hide it, nor was there a need for her to come back to act.

Even if those female celebrities who married into rich families did not become full-time housewives, they would often do charity or investments.

Who would foolishly come back to act After all, acting was so hard.

As a result, the rumors about her being Mrs.

Ji were unresolved.

Other than a few loyal fans who were a little disappointed, the netizens overall reaction was very good.

Naturally, they started to look forward to her performance in the new movie.

Ye Shengge and Shang Tianyi were very satisfied with this outcome.

Although Ye Shengge had made a comeback, she basically did not participate in any activities or take on advertisement endorsements.

Therefore, before she joined the production team, she stayed at home.

However, this did not mean that she was very free.

In fact, her free time was spent studying the script.

When she was focused on her work, she was no longer in the mood to argue with Ji Shiting.

They had not quarreled for the past few days and it could be said that they were peaceful.

No, not only did they live in harmony, but they also treated each other with respect.

Ye Shengge was used to thoroughly understanding the script before shooting the first scene, so she was immersed in the script almost all the time.

Her only leisure was to accompany the two children, and she could not spare any thoughts for Ji Shiting.

Ye Shengge felt quite good.

Her energy was completely drained by other things, so she didnt care if this man cared about her or not.

She didnt even care if he was sad or sad.

At first, Ji Shiting thought that it was great too.

He even felt a sense of relief.

But a few days later, the man finally couldnt take it anymore.

Ye Shengge read the script every day until late.

It was not easy for her to lie down on the bed, but she fell asleep almost instantly.

Ji Shiting could not bear to wake her up.

That was fine.

In the end, this woman practically ignored his existence.

There was once when he came back from a business trip for two days and she didnt even look at him.

On one side was the warm welcome of the two children, and on the other side was Ye Shengges cold response.

Ji Shiting finally had a taste of disappointment..

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