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Chapter 1027: This Is Violence

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That night, after Ye Shengge took a shower, she sat on the bed and continued taking notes.

Suddenly, her hands were empty.

Ji Shiting reached out and took away her script.

Ye Shengge looked up and glared at him.

“What are you doing!”

“This is the first thing youve said to me today.” Ji Shiting stared at her with his dark eyes.

There was some dissatisfaction in his calm tone.

Ye Shengge blinked and replied indifferently, “So”

Ji Shitings eyes darkened.

He set the script on the bedside table, then leaned down and wrapped her in his arms, looking down at her.

“Stop looking, okay Rest early today.” His voice was low and hoarse.

His dark eyes were deep and filled with temptation.

“Sure.” Ye Shengge tilted her head and smiled.

“Then let go of me.”

The man did not move.

He lowered his head and prepared to kiss her.

Ye Shengge turned her head away and avoided his kiss.

She seemed to take a deep breath and then calmly said, “I dont want it.”

Ji Shitings gaze deepened.

He stared at her face for a long time without saying anything, but his breathing gradually became heavy.

The man bent his knees and knelt in front of her, his hot body pressed tightly against hers.

Ye Shengge gradually felt uncomfortable and pushed him.

“Didnt you tell me to rest early”

“Ye Shengge, are you planning to neglect me forever” the man asked in a deep voice.

“I didnt neglect you.” Ye Shengge said calmly, “As you can see, Ive been very busy recently.”

“Youre so busy that you dont even have time to talk to me” The man raised his eyebrows with a faint smile.

Ye Shengge paused.

The bitterness in her heart could not be suppressed.

“I thought that this would make things easier for you.” She stared into his dark eyes and enunciated each word clearly.

“I have my own matters to attend to.

You dont have to deal with me anymore.

Isnt that great Will you be happy if I throw a tantrum with you every day”

“But you cant just ignore me completely.” His Adams apple rolled.

“Youre being cold and emotionally abusing me.”

“Ji Shiting, there is no middle ground between us.” She suddenly smiled, her eyes slightly red.

“Either you can only tolerate my unreasonable behavior, or you can accept the way we are now.

You dont want to face the pressure and dissatisfaction I give you but you want to enjoy the warmth between husband and wife… There is no such thing as having the best of both worlds.”

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Ji Shitings pupils constricted and he held her hand subconsciously.

Ye Shengge tried to pull her hand back but to no avail.

The grievance in her heart suddenly exploded without warning.

“Werent you very happy at first I finally stopped asking for anything from you, and I stopped throwing a tantrum with you.

Arent you relieved” She smiled sarcastically.

“I can tell… but now, youre not satisfied because you need someone to vent your desires on…”

“Ye Shengge!” He interrupted her sternly.

“I dont just want…”

“Yes, you dont just want sex.

You also need my passion.” Ye Shengge suddenly laughed.

“But my passion will also wither.”

Ji Shiting took a deep breath.

He suddenly understood.

Without his reciprocation, her unilateral efforts would not last long.

But he had already tried his best to satisfy her.

Could it be that all his hard work could not make up for anything

“So, are you going to keep doing this” the man asked hoarsely.

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