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“On purpose” He raised an eyebrow.

“You seem to have some misunderstanding about me.”

“I said something wrong.

Its the truth that you care about me and are afraid of losing me.” Ye Shengge couldnt help smiling and wrapping her arms around his neck.

Ji Shiting snorted and said in a hoarse voice, “Is there a reward”

Ye Shengge moved closer to him obediently and pressed her forehead against his.

Ji Shiting swallowed hard and smiled.

He held her face but didnt do anything.

Ye Shengge had no choice but to kiss him.

She heard the man chuckle, so she bit his lips playfully.

Ji Shiting took a deep breath and kissed her lips slowly and hard.

Unlike the taste on the red carpet in the evening, he soon entered and took her breath away.

Ye Shengge was soon defeated.

Before long, the driver stopped in front of the Intercontinental Hotel.

When the car stopped, Ji Shiting finally let her go.

The mans tense body was burning hot.

Ye Shengges breathing was irregular, and her eyes were filled with tears.

Ji Shitings eyes dimmed, so he kissed her again.

He didnt stop the kiss until the driver got out of the car and opened the door for him.

He carried her out of the car and walked in.

The cold night breeze couldnt blow away the heat on Ye Shengges face.

She buried her face in his chest and suddenly chuckled.

Her lips landed on the mans neck.

The mans breathing became heavier, and he didnt bother to warn her but walked faster.

Ji Shiting put the woman in his arms on the sofa and pressed his burning body against hers.

He grabbed her waist and was about to kiss her, but the woman stopped him.

Ji Shiting had no choice but to pause.

He breathed heavily and said, “What”

Ye Shengge looked behind him and mumbled, “There are so many roses…”

The living room had obviously been meticulously decorated.

The roses were delicate, and the entire room was fiery red.

It looked ambiguous under the dim light.

Ji Shiting grabbed her hands and said indulgently, “Do you like it”

Ye Shengge nodded, looking surprised and excited.

“Is it the suite from back then I couldnt even recognize it… I was drunk at that time.”

Ji Shiting nodded, but his gaze fell on her chest.

Because of the rubbing in the car, her dress had loosened, and he saw a large area of fairness that contrasted with the red dress.

The contrast between red and white hit his rationality, and the mans eyes dimmed.

He had prepared some other emotions, but he had forgotten all of them.

“Were you drugged at that time… If you didnt take the pill, you wouldve touched me… Ouch!” Before Ye Shengge could finish, the man suddenly lowered his head and kissed her chest.

A strange numbness spread from where he kissed.

Ye Shengges body went limp, and she couldnt help screaming.

The hoarse and soft moan made the man unable to control himself.

Ye Shengge put her hands on his shoulders and bit her lips.

She wanted to talk to him, but that man didnt seem to want to reminisce the past.

He just wanted to get straight to the point.

She suspected that the man wouldnt listen to anything she said.

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