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However, it was precisely because of this that she was angry.

After all, she had always felt that Qiao Yanze was different from them.

In the end, it turned out that this kid was just a little too late.

“Looks like youre serious!” Qiao Yansen couldnt help but scold.

“Yanze, do you really think you can defeat us”

“If I didnt have this bit of confidence, I wouldnt have participated.” Qiao Yanze placed his hand on the armrest and smiled casually.

“If I can marry Miss Yun, then I have a seventy to eighty percent chance of winning.

Thats enough.”

Qiao Yansens face contorted in anger.

“Yanze,” Qiao Yanni suddenly said meaningfully.

“Do you really not care about that woman, Li Yinian I remember that you havent stopped dating her in the past few years, right Tsk tsk, what a pity…”

Qiao Yanzes eyebrows twitched.

However, he quickly smiled and said, “I do like her.

She might be the only woman Ive truly liked in all these years, but in front of tangible benefits, these are nothing.

Third Sister, you definitely know this better than me, right”

Qiao Yanni had an unforgettable relationship when she was in university, but unfortunately, the man was a poor boy from an ordinary family.

She broke up with him and quickly married a husband of equal status.

She did not expect her ex-boyfriend to become rich later on.

He was now a new tycoon in the e-commerce industry.

Of course, he could not compare to Fengqiao Corporation, but he could not be underestimated.

This matter had always been a thorn in Qiao Yannis heart.

Her eyes darkened.

“It seems that you care about Li Yinians life.”

Qiao Yanzes pupils constricted and his Adams apple bobbed.

He looked up at her with a cold gaze.

“Third Sister, Im not afraid to tell you that I still care about her.

After all, shes the woman I liked.

Of course, I want her to be fine.

But if you think you can make me retreat like this, youre wrong.

Ill marry the eldest daughter of the Yun family!”

His cold voice was filled with ruthlessness.

Qiao Yansen snorted.

“Dont be happy too soon!”

“I cant disappoint you, Second Brother.” Qiao Yanze relaxed a little and the smile on his face deepened.

“Who asked my face to be so charming”

The Qiao family was not bad-looking.

Qiao Yanxun and Qiao Yansen were both good-looking, and Qiao Yanni was also a beauty, but all of them combined were not as good-looking as Qiao Yanze alone.

Coupled with the methods he had practiced in the field of love for many years, very few women could resist him if he wanted to woo them.

Even if the daughter of the Yun family was not an inexperienced girl, she might not be able to resist his advances.

Qiao Yansens face twitched.

He looked at Qiao Yanni and snorted.

“I want to see how capable you are.”

Strictly speaking, Qiao Yansen and Qiao Yanni were also competitors, but they had joined forces to deal with Qiao Yanxun in the early years.

Now that Qiao Yanze was a threat, the siblings had a good relationship.

They walked to the stairs and exchanged glances when they saw Qiao Yanze lighting a cigarette not far away.

“What should we do It looks like Li Yinian is useless,” Qiao Yansen said irritably.

“I didnt expect this punk to be so bold.” Qiao Yanni bit her lip.

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