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Chapter 1835 Do Not Forget Your Responsibility And Mission.

“Yingluo, do you think theyve done it”

“I dont think so Ah Zhen is not an adult yet, Qinger must be worried about this.”

“Aiya! Yiyi!”

“Maybe after we leave, Yingluo”

“Then lets go back as soon as possible, so we dont have to waste time here.”

Qinger almost fell down.

She heard ah Zhen chuckling and saying, ” thats right.

she was even more embarrassed and angry, so she could only pinch him secretly.

However, after dinner, Jiang Yu suddenly announced some bad news.

Ah Luo had to return to China to complete his studies.

Qinger was just surprised, but ah Luos reaction was very big.

He stood up suddenly.”Impossible!”

“You know why.” Jiang Yu, on the other hand, was very calm.

He raised his eyes and glanced at him indifferently.

dont forget what you promised me before you came.

Dont forget your responsibility and mission.

Ah Luo clenched one hand into a fist and pressed it against the table.

The muscles on his face trembled violently, as if he was trying to suppress the emotions in his heart.

He closed his eyes, and after a few seconds, he said in a hoarse voice, ” “You said that I could at least stay here until I graduate.”

thats right, but Im not satisfied with the schools attitude.

I dont think your safety is guaranteed, and it wont do you any good to stay here.

As Jiang Yu spoke, he glanced at Qinger.

youve already achieved your goal, havent you “

A-Qing subconsciously looked at Qinger who was sitting beside him.

At the same time, Qing er also raised her head, and their eyes met in the air.

Qinger made up her mind almost instantly.

She looked at Jiang Yu and smiled.”Uncle Jiang, dont worry, Ill convince him.”

As she spoke, she tugged at ah Luo and motioned for him to sit down.

The young man was silent for a few seconds before he finally sat down.

However, his tightly pursed lips revealed his emotions.

Jing Tong thought for a while and asked ye Shengge in a low voice, ” “How long will it take for Qinger to graduate”

there are still two years, but its normal for a doctor to take a long time to finish.

Ye Shengge was helpless.

Ji **ing knocked on the table and said, ” even if she graduates successfully, Qinger will most likely stay in the M Nation.

After all, this is the frontier of Physics Research.

Jing Tong let out an “ah” in disappointment.

On the other side, Qinger and ah Zhen had also heard the conversation.

Qinger felt her right hand being held by the young man.

Her heart was in a mess, and she was speechless for a long time.

The parents of the two families were going back to New York overnight.

When Qinger was alone with her parents, she could not help but ask for help.”Mom, dad, what should I do, Yingluo”

“Im afraid ah Luo has no choice.” Ji **ing pondered for a moment.

its useless even if hes willing to abandon his identity.

Theres always a risk for him to stay in a foreign country.

Jiang Yu had stepped down from his position as President a long time ago, but he still held an important position.

He had a pivotal influence on the countrys political situation.

Although it was a peaceful era and there were few accidents, Jiang Yus hands and feet would inevitably be tied when making decisions with his children here.

Qinger could understand this, and she bit her lip.

Ye Shengge rubbed her hair and said, ” no matter what choice you make, your father and I will support you.

Dont be afraid.”

“The important thing is that no matter what decision you make, you must respect your heart.” Ji **ing looked at her.

I dont want you to make any sacrifices.

I just want you to be happy.

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