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He wasnt sure whether Ye Shengge had heard him or not.

She lifted her eyebrows, licked her lips, and smiled.

It was a simple smile, but because of her facial movements, it looked kind of seductive.

Ji Shiting breathed more heavily.

He dragged her up from the bed, pinched her chin and said, “If we cant get the cure in time, dont blame me for getting intimate.”

He seemed to always lose his reservation in front of this weird woman.

Instead of being afraid, Ye Shengge smiled more happily.

She loved that mans smell and warmth.

Again, she wrapped her arms around his neck again, and put her legs around his waist.

Ji Shiting could feel that all his blood had flowed to a certain point, and he couldnt help panting.

He unconsciously grabbed her waist to balance himself.

All he could see was the womans blushing face and that seductive smile.

Both his breath and heart rate were in chaos.

Damn it!

Ji Shiting closed his eyes, thinking that he wouldnt be tempted by her.

He took her to the bathroom and put her in the bathtub.

“Ahh!” Ye Shengge screamed before she felt cold water being poured on her face.

She couldnt help screaming.

“Stop! Stop! Stop! Its too cold!”

Ji Shiting kept spraying her with water and he saw that her mesmerizing and enchanting smile had been replaced by awkwardness, after which she felt better.

“Are you sobering up” He looked at her, grimacing.

Ye Shengge blinked her eyes and looked at him, dazed.

She still had no idea what was going on.

There was still some water on that womans eyelashes, and the water dripped as she blinked, making her look more innocent and delicate.

Her lips were trembling.

Ji Shiting missed a heartbeat and cursed, “Shit!”

Where had this woman come from

He grabbed her chin and kissed her lips harshly.

She hadnt expected him to be so aggressive, and her eyes were filled with anxiety.

Ji Shiting grabbed her waist and wrapped her in his embrace, then he started to French kiss her.

Hed never realized how sweet that womans lips were, and he could just kiss her forever.

He remembered that hed kissed her a lot that night, but he hadnt been good at kissing then, so hed felt pained most of the time.

Now, he was able to enjoy every single bit of her sweetness.

Men always learn quickly when it comes to things like this.


The womans tongue was so soft that it was about to melt in his mouth.

After a long time, he let her go, breathing heavily.

He looked at her red lips and couldnt help kissing them again.

Ye Sheng shivered as if she had just realized what was happening.

“Ji…” She blinked as she found it hard to believe.

“Ji Shiting”


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