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“When are you going to introduce her to us” Yu Shuhang couldnt help asking.

“She doesnt matter.

Why should I” Ji Shiting sneered.

Qiao Yanze was more certain that the woman had triggered him upon seeing Ji Shitings reaction.

She was extraordinary, and he really wanted to meet her.

“Shiting, theres something special about our hotel.

Theres CCTV in the living room.” Qiao Yanze suddenly smiled.

Ji Shiting lifted his eyebrows, looking solemn, “Did you ask people to set that up last night”

“No.” Qiao Yanze didnt want to admit it.

“Its really just something special about our hotel.”

Ji Shiting gave him a long look and said, “Im impressed, Qiao Yanze.”

“Its okay, okay.” Qiao Yanze tried to look calm and insisted.

“Rest assured.

Neither me nor Shuhang has watched it yet.”

Yu Shuhang was impressed by how calm Qiao Yanze was.

Sending someone to set up a camera in the living room at midnight was indeed something Qiao Yanze would do.

“Ive been here for almost two hours.

I can attest that hes never turned on the laptop.”

Setting up a camera at midnight was sneaky.

If they actually watched the clip, neither of them would have a good day in the following year.

Even if they couldnt have been more curious, they had to suppress the urge.

Ji Shiting curved his lips and said, “So”

“The reception people told me your girl still hasnt left the room,” said Qiao Yanze calmly.

“Dont you want to know what shes doing”

“No,” said Ji Shiting apathetically.

He then picked up the knife and fork, starting to eat breakfast.

Qiao Yanze smiled, gave Yu Shuhang a look.

They both felt a bit bummed out.

Qiao Yanzes phone rang.

He took a look and yelled, “A group of journalists is rushing to the room you stayed in last night.”

Yu Shuhang immediately said, “Sounds bad for your lady.

Are you going to take care of It, Shiting”

Ji Shiting suddenly froze.


That woman had been drugged last night, but it seemed that drugging her had only been the start.

The media was who the person behind it wanted.

He wasnt sure whether that dumb woman could deal with it or not.

“Let me see.” Qiao Yanze said.

She turned on the laptop, clicked, and the living-room scene popped up on the screen.

It seemed that Ye Shengge had gotten dressed and finished her makeup.

She was wearing her shoes, and after hearing something, she stood up and walked to the door.

Ji Shiting clenched his fork and knife tighter.


Ye Shengge zoned out on the sofa for a while.

She realized the man was pissed, thinking about the expression he had had as hed left.

Why didnt he just say yes All she wanted was to sleep with him a couple of times.

He wouldnt suffer any loss.

She scratched her hair and decided to come up with ideas after shooting for the show.

The most important thing was that she had gotten the part and could finally become an actress.

Ji Shiting was correct.

She had wanted to sleep with him because she wanted to be an actress.

Ye Shengge felt that last night hadnt all been in vain.

And besides, there could be a third or even fourth chance to run into him.

Looking at the size of her birthmark, she reckoned it would be gone completely if she could manage to sleep with him a couple more times.

She then rushed to the bedroom, got changed and did her makeup.

She then returned to the living room to put on her shoes.

However, she suddenly heard knocking sounds at the door.

Ye Shengge thought it was the service person from the hotel.

She shoutedWho is it”, then opened the door.

Suddenly, the journalists were holding mics in front of her face.

“Boss Ye.

I heard you betrayed Boss Mu.

You cheated on him and you framed Miss.

Mu Xiaoya.”


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