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Chapter 311: They Have A Good Relationship, Would My Great-Grandson Be Coming Along Soon

Ye Shengge didnt dare.

She closed her eyes, snuggled into the mans embrace and mumbled, “Im falling asleep…”

Ji Shiting couldnt help smiling as he looked at the furry head in his arms.

He could feel that the womans attitude toward him had changed after last night.

She finally stopped running away.

Ji Shiting was very satisfied.

The two of them slept until sunset, and when they woke up, they were greeted by their grandpa.

Ye Shengge felt guilty, but Ji Shiting was calm.

Uncle Jin gave them a report of what had happened last night.

Ji Shiting pointed to the list of victims with a solemn look.

There were twenty people who had died in the accident last night, and nine of them were missing.

Of the twenty people who had died, five were immediate family members of the Xiao family.

Those that survived didnt have much say in family matters.

Of the remaining fifteen that died, there were three staff members who were just unfortunate, and the others were people that held grudges against Xiao Ruilang.

Among them was Ms.

Xu, who had humiliated him on the cruise yesterday.

Ye Shengge was relieved that she didnt see Qin Youhuis name.

She then looked at the name on the mans finger and took a deep breath.

“Hes too vengeful!”

“This list is only the tip of the iceberg,” Grandpa Ji said with a solemn face.

“Zhou Hao has resigned.

A new consul will take office in two days.

I heard his surname is Jun.”

Ji Shiting closed the name list and said, “Zhou Hao is fair and honest.

Its a pity that he got implicated.”

“I called him, and hes rather calm.” Grandpa Ji smiled.

“Investigate the background of this new consul.

I reckon his appointment has something to do with the Xiao family.”

Ji Shiting nodded, closed the list and handed it back to Uncle Jin.

“Lets eat.”

The dinner was very sumptuous, probably to celebrate their escape.

Grandpa was in high spirits, but the main point was just one thing—great-grandson.

Ye Shengge suddenly felt a bit emotional.

Actually, the old master wasnt actually that anxious.

The truth was that he was just lonely.

She felt more stressed at that thought.

After dinner, Uncle Jin handed Ye Shengge the phone with a prepaid phone card, which surprised her.

“Thats great!” Ye Shengge took the phone.

“Thank you, Uncle Jin.”

Her phone had fallen into the ocean yesterday, and she still couldnt contact anyone.

“Youre being too polite, Young Madam.” Uncle Jin smiled and looked at Ji Shiting.

“Its Young Masters order.”

Ye Shengge immediately looked at the man beside her and said, “Thank you.

Thank you.”

The remained rather indifferent.

Ye Shengge returned with a dazzling smile.

Grandpa Ji was relieved.

They were very close.

Would his great-grandson be coming along soon

After saying goodbyes to Grandpa Ji, the couple returned to Qianfan Villa.

After showering, Ye Shengge called Qin Youhui, Shang Tianyi, Lin Qi, and Director Xu to tell them that she was safe.

By the time she finished her phone call, an hour had passed.

Ji Shiting walked out of the bathroom at this moment, and she caught a glimpse of his perfect body.

Although she had seen it many times, she still felt shocked each time she saw it.

Ji Shiting chuckled as he saw her ears turning red.

He walked over and pressed down on her.


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