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Chapter 332: Take the Bed Photos If You Can!

In the photo, the man was wearing a suit and facing the camera.

He had a slight smile on his handsome face, and he was holding the womans delicate hand with his slender right hand.

He was wearing a ring on her middle finger.

The strange thing was that the womans figure had been cut off on the right side of the photo, leaving only one hand in frame.

However, it was enough for Ye Shengge to understand where this had come from.

She knew that Ji Shiting had a fiancée, but… she never knew that they had been engaged before.

However, given Ji Shitings status, there had to be a proper ceremony since he was engaged to a woman.

That was probably what the upper-class society was concerned about.

However, she and Ji Shiting had already registered their marriage, and he hadnt mentioned anything about the wedding or showed her in public.

Perhaps that was why she felt that she and Ji Shiting wouldnt last long.

Ye Shengge felt a bit upset.

However, who sent the photos

Her email was on the official website of Shisheng Studio, and anyone could email her.

After some thought, she felt that Xie Siqi was the most likely candidate.

That woman had been coveting Ji Shiting, and with Grandpa Xiao dead, her engagement with Xiao Ruilang would probably change, so she hadnt given up yet…

It could also be the other owner of the photo, Ms.

Ling Yutong.

Or perhaps one of Ji Shitings many admirers.

Ji Shiting was even jealous of Shang Tianyi, but hadnt he realized that he had more girls after him

Ye Shengge thought to herself dejectedly.

However, it didnt matter who it was.

After all, she and Ji Shiting were officially married, so she wouldnt mind an old photo.

Send me some bed photos if you have the guts!

Ye Shengge turned off her laptop.

She went back to the master bedroom to sleep.

Not long after, Ji Shiting came over and lay down beside her.

He then hugged her and nibbled her ears.

“I fell asleep…” She mumbled, trying to get away.

Ji Shiting smiled and put his hand under her shirt, “What if Director Chen is worried that your birthmark will affect the movie Youd better get rid of it before the next audition.”

However, Ye Shengge couldnt help recalling the photo.

Even if it was just an engagement, it would still be a grand ceremony.

… She was still upset.

Thus, even though she knew what the man said made sense, she still refused and said pitifully, “Shiting, youre amazing.

I havent recovered yet… I cant take it.”

That was a perfect compliment.

Someone was satisfied and let her go.

Ye Shengge breathed a sigh of relief.

She couldnt help wondering if Ji Shiting would agree to hold a wedding banquet.

He probably would, but it didnt seem meaningful if she asked for it.


The next day, Ye Shengge returned to the set.

Little Zheng wasnt around today, and Xu Xiangjie had told him that the kids schedule was too full, and he needed to reshoot his scenes later.

Ye Shengge understood that the childs mother was a bit weird.

She would feel more at ease if the mother and son didnt show up.

She had been filming for a couple of days in the cast and crew, and because the cast and crew were getting used to each other, filming was progressing smoothly.

Xu Xiangjie was in a good mood, so he ended work at four oclock one day.

Ye Shengge went back to the suite to take a shower, but when she returned to her room, she saw Ji Shiting


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