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Chapter 352: He Wouldnt Marry Anyone Else

Ye Shengge suddenly smiled and said, “Then why did you ask me out just to say this much Would I be able to stop Shiting if he wants to divorce me”

“Shiting is actually a person who cares a lot about relationships.” Xu Shaoqing smiled.

“Although he hates me, hell never stand aside if anything happens to me.

So, even if he was forced to marry you, he wont abandon you easily.”

Ye Shengge felt as if she was having some breathing difficulties.

“Who says he was forced to marry me” She looked at Xu Shaoqing and clenched her fists.

“You should know Shitings personality.

Who is able to force him to do something if he doesnt want to”

“Youre right.” Xu Shaoqing smiled.

“He probably agreed to it to give his grandpa an explanation, but do you dare say he wont have married if it wasnt you”

Ye Shengge felt something stuck in her throat.

She believed that Ji Shiting wouldnt divorce her for those reasons.

That man had his pride, so she wasnt afraid.

However, she didnt have the confidence to say that he wouldnt have gotten married if she wasnt in the picture.

Ye Shengge didnt want to lose her composure after seeing Xu Shaoqings sympathetic smile.

“Why wouldnt I dare” Ye Shengge lifted her chin.

“Grandpa introduced Shiting to so many socialites, but he rejected them all.

However, he married me.

Its not like he would have married anyone else.”

“Thats because you…”

“Dont say that its because I look like Ling Yutong.

You dont have to come and talk to me if shes really that important to Shiting,” Ye Shengge interrupted her.

“Dont worry, I wont leave Shiting voluntarily.”

Ji Shiting might really break her legs if she mentioned divorce.

Xu Shaoqings face paled upon seeing how stubborn she was.

After a while, she smiled and said, “I heard that youre an actress Thats right.

How can you afford to give up the Ji familys resources and connections”

Ye Shengge sneered, “Thats right.

I refused to give up because of that.”

Xu Shaoqing was stumped.

She hadnt expected Ye Shengge to be so shameless.

“Arent you afraid that Shiting will know” Xu Shaoqings face sank.

“He already knows.

Theres no need for you to worry.” Ye Shengge sneered.

“Your son isnt stupid.”

Ji Shiting knew very well why she had pestered him, otherwise he wouldnt have gotten mad at her.

“Does that mean you wont understand him” Xu Shaoqing bit his lips.

“You wont feel sorry for him even if hes struggling alone”

“Of course I feel sorry for him, so Ill treat him well,” Ye Shengge said without hesitation.

“Do you have anything else to say”

Xu Shaoqing stared at her for a while, then he picked up a remote control and pressed a button.

Ye Shengge raised an eyebrow and realized that there was a LED screen on the wall.

She didnt know what Xu Shaoqing had pressed, but the screen flashed, and she saw Ling Yutong and Ji Shiting sitting opposite each other.

They were clearly in the same teahouse, because the decoration was very similar to the room Ye Shengge was in.

There was no sound on the screen, so she could only see Ling Yutongs face covered in tears as she grabbed Ji Shitings arm.

Ji Shitings mouth was moving but Ye Shengge didnt know what she was saying.


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