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Chapter 404: I Want It Even If Im Pregnant

Ling Yutongs face twisted as she recalled the mans cold lips and forceful possession.

Xie Siqi sneered.

However, she quickly restrained her disdain and sighed, “Seems like theres only one way.”

“What” Ling Yutong looked at her.

“Do you know what Shiting cant stand the most” Xie Siqi said gently.

“He hates betrayal the most.”

Ling Yutongs eyes widened.

“Thats right! Shiting agreed to break up with me because he thought I had betrayed him! Would Ye Shengge betray Shiting”

“That… might require some skills,” Xie Siqi said.

“If Shiting sees that woman with another man, hell never forgive her.”

Ling Yutongs pupils dilated!

“This… This…” She seemed to be shocked, and she couldnt help stuttering.” This… isnt right, isnt it ”

“Theres nothing we can do about it.” Xie Siqi softened her tone.

“Ji Shiting doesnt acknowledge Little Zheng, and Grandpa Ji isnt very close to him.

If this goes on, Little Zheng will forever be an illegitimate child.”

Ling Yutong looked conflicted at the thought of Little Zheng.

“Ye Shengge isnt a good person either.

Shiting wouldve recognized Little Zheng if it werent for her.” Xie Siqi observed her face and got angrier.

Ling Yutong struggled even harder.

However, she still shook her head and said, “No, I cant do that! Although I hate her , but…”

“But Little Zheng…”

“I cant do that because of Little Zheng.” Ling Yutong looked determined.

“Im afraid that Ill take revenge on Little Zheng.”

Xie Siqi looked disappointed and indignant.

However, she knew that she couldnt continue, otherwise Ling Yutong would definitely suspect her.

“Youre right.

Im being a villain.” Xie Siqi forced a smile.

“I just pity Little Zheng.”

“Ive long been prepared to raise Little Zheng alone.” Ling Yutong smiled bitterly.

“If I dont behave myself, Ill not only waste Shitings last bit of affection for me, but Ill also make him sick.

It wont do Little Zheng any good either.

Why should I”

Xie Siqis face sank.

“Then forget it.” She smiled.

“Ill tell mom.”

“Im sorry to disappoint auntie.” Ling Yutong curled her lips.

“Its alright,” said Xie Siqi.

“Ill take my leave now.”

Xie Siqis smile disappeared after she left.

This woman was still as useless as before!

She gritted her teeth, got into the car and called someone.

“Whats your plan” She got straight to the point.

“Ling Yutong and Little Zheng dont affect their relationship at all! It looks like Ling Yutongs plan is useless!”

“Really” The voice on the other end of the phone sounded lazy.

“Seems like you have to think of another way.”

“Arent you anxious” Xie Siqis voice became shrill.

“If this goes on, Ye Shengge might get pregnant with Shitings child!”

The man thought for a bit and smiled, “Its alright.

I want her even if shes pregnant.”


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