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Chapter 46: Try a Different Man

Ye Shengge was upset for a while because of the project plan after she left Ji Shitings office.

She even tried not to draw any attention.

However, she was still pissed after she getting into the taxi.

She didnt mind the sex being interrupted as she was averse to it anyway.

What pissed her off was Ji Shitings attitude.

He had made it look like he was being gracious to her.

Especially after he had been interrupted in the office by his assistant, he had immediately scorned her.

Theyd slept together twice, so he shouldnt have even touched her if he didnt want to.

Although she was the one taking the initiative every time, she didnt try to bend his will.

The more Ye Shengge thought about it, the angrier she got.

Actually, she didnt necessarily have to sleep with Ji Shiting.

Perhaps she could erase her birthmark by having sex with any man.

However, she couldnt just hook up with a random guy when she was sober, otherwise she wouldve tested it already.

If she could fulfill her goal with some other guy, she wouldnt need to be entangled with Ji Shiting.

Shed try a different man if it didnt work out.


Ye Shengge was still irritated when the taxi stopped in front of Star Brilliance, so she slammed the door, which shocked the driver.

Ye Shengge walked into Star Brilliances office and saw Xu Xiangjie and Mu Yanhuai talking happily.

“Shengge.” Xu Xiangjie immediately stood up with a smile upon seeing Ye Shengge.

“Im here to give you the contract.”

“I told you to meet at the old place,” said Ye Shengge, surprised.

“I dont want you to wait,” Xu Xiangjie chuckled.

He didnt want to meet that woman after what had happened last time.

“Shengge, I talked to Director Xu about other roles,” said Mu Yanhuai as he stared at Ye Shengge.

“Director Xu said he wanted to hear your opinions.”

“Boss Mu wanted to give the second supporting role to Mu Xiaoya.

“Xu Xiangjie looked at Ye Shengge, almost sucking up to her.

“I dont have any issue with that, but youre the lead actress, so your opinions are very important.”

Ye Shengge knew Xu Xiangjie had been pondering their relationship since Ji Shiting picked her up that night, but she didnt clarity it as this was a beneficial thing to her, so she accepted it.

“Ying Xue is a great role, and its not difficult to play.” Ye Shengge said while thinking.

“But Mu Xiaoyas acting skills…”

“Shengge!” Mu Yanhuai yelled.

“I reckon Mu Xiaoya can handle that, and besides, Ill be there to help her.

She wont let us down,” Ye Shengge smiled.

“Lets give this role to Mu Xiaoya.

Besides, I reckon Ying Xiaoyu can do that guard role.”

“No problem,” Xu Xiangjie agreed without any further questioning, which made Ye Shengge feel kind of diffident.

After all, the relationship between her and Ji Shiting wasnt what had Xu XIangjie thought it to be.

However, she could feel that Mu Yanhuai was suspecting something, so she just signed the contract with Xu Xiangjie calmly.

That part would give her twenty million dollars, which made her sure of setting up a new company.

“I have the contracts of both roles here.” Obviously, Xu Xianjie came prepared, and he took out two contracts.

“Ask them to come sign them.

I can make the show public sooner.”

Mu Yanhuai had nothing against it, so he called Mu Xiaoya and Ying Xiaoya here.

Ying Xiaoya was very excited about this opportunity, but Mu Xiaoya was very reluctant, however, under Mu Yanhuais firm look, she didnt say anything inappropriate in front of Xu Xiangjie and signed her name.

After Xu Xiangjie left, Mu Xiaoya exploded.

“You mustve slept with Xu Xiangjie for this role, right” She pointed at Ye Shengge, looking disdainful and resentful.

“Youre shameless, Ye Shengge!”

Mu Yanhuai didnt scold at Mu Xiaoya for being rude this time.

“I didnt expect Director Xu to be so agreeable to you, Shengge.” He stared at her.

“Are you suspecting me, Mu Yanhuai” Ye Shengge looked cold.

“You should know me better than everyone else.

How dare you say that If you dont trust me, lets rescind the engagement.”

Before she found out what was happening, Mu Yanhuai always said the same thing when she questioned him, so she felt petty using his own words against him.

Mu Xiaoya looked smug after hearing this, but Mu Yanhuai was dazed.

“Shengge, I just asked a random question.

Why are you mad” He smoothed his tone.

“Youre tarnishing my reputation,” Ye Shengge said.

“If you have doubts, go ask Xu Xiangjie yourself, or ask Xiaoya to quit.”

After that, Ye Shengg pretended to be mad about being insulted and left.

“Yanhuai, she mustve cheated on you!” Mu Xiaoya was pissed.

“Enough.” Mu Yanhuai wasnt happy, but subconsciously, hed never thought Ye Shengge would betray him.

“Youve got the part, Xiaoya, try to do a good job.

This is the role that determines whether you can keep your fame or not.”

She didnt want that part at all!

Mu Xiaoyas face twisted, but she had to say reluctantly, “I know.”


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