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Chapter 630: Mr.

Ji and I Are Only Friends

Ye Shengge had been interviewed a lot these days, but because she was still a hot topic, the media was still curious about her.

Thus, although she was standing with Cheng Xinyue, most of the microphones were in front of her.

However, Ye Shengge wasnt afraid.

She could easily resolve all the tricky questions, and the journalists couldnt do anything about it.

Cheng Xinyue was livid upon seeing this.

She forced herself to focus on the journalists questions, but when she turned around, she saw the scene of the artists walking the red carpet on the big screen.

All the artists were wearing gowns provided by H Family, so there was no comparison in the style of the gowns, but the effect was very different.

Cheng Xinyue had asked her agent to get her an evening gown, and Ye Shengge was given a knee-length gown.

However, the woman looked gentle, sweet, and calm in the gown, which was in line with the status of the H family.

Coupled with the womans intelligence and composure during the interview, the H family would definitely like Ye Shengge more if everything went smoothly.

Cheng Xinyue gritted her teeth.

At this moment, she suddenly heard a reporter ask, “I heard that Mr.

Ji of T.S.

Corporation has appointed you as the lead actress ofScared Of The Wind.

Can you reveal your relationship with Mr.


“Dont misunderstand, Mr.

Ji and I are just good friends.” Cheng Xinyue smiled shyly.

“We just chat occasionally.”

“Oh, what do you guys talk about” The reporter asked.


Ji mentioned Ms.

Ye to me before.” Cheng Xinyue suddenly looked at Ye Shengge and smiled.


Ji is a very kind person.

He said he sympathizes with Ms.


After all, Ms.

Ye has a birthmark on her face, but Ms.

Ye hid it very well.

If it werent for an accident, Mr.

Ji wouldnt have noticed it…”


Those few words revealed too much information!

In other words, Ye Shengge did have a huge birthmark on her face.

She had hidden it well at first, but Mr.

Ji had still found out about it, which was why she had been dumped… Mr.

Ji had even told Cheng Xinyue about it.

It seemed that Cheng Xinyue was really Mr.

Jis new lover!

All the journalists eyes lit up! Some started to edit the news, some asked for more details, and some took photos of Cheng Xinyue.

It was very noisy around her, so Ye Shengge couldnt hear what Cheng Xinyue had said.

However, the journalists were already communicating with each other, so she saw that the journalists in front of her were suddenly on drugs!


Ye, Ms.

Cheng Xinyue said you have a very big birthmark on your face, but you covered it.

Is that true”

“I heard that you were dumped because Mr.

Ji found out about the birthmark.

Is that true”


Ji told Cheng Xinyue about it as a joke.

How do you feel”

“You havent shown your face in the past few months.

Did you really go for a movie Or did you have to go overseas to recover after being dumped by Mr.


Ye Shengge was dazed for a moment.

She looked at Cheng Xinyue and saw the womans contemptuous and sympathetic smile.

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