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Chapter 832: Return What You Owe Me

Ji Shiting sized her up.

It couldnt be denied that she was a very beautiful woman.

Previously, in the meeting center, perhaps to create a dignified and reliable image, her expression and smile seemed to have been carefully adjusted.

It was appropriate, but also very distant.

However, she seemed to have let go of all her pretense and concerns in front of him.

Be it anger, accusation, or wheedling, they were all real and within reach.

It was as if she was supposed to be like this.

Ji Shiting couldnt help nodding and saying, “Okay.”

“What Do you think I look good or not” She asked insistently.

Ji Shiting frowned and said, “Yes.”

She smiled and hugged him.

“Carry me to the bed.”

The man looked at her and said, “Are you serious, Ye Shengge”

“Of course.” She said.

“Give me back everything you owe me.”

It was easy to misunderstand.

However, Ji Shiting realized that he might not have understood wrongly.

His throat tightened as he suddenly understood why he had been mesmerized by that woman.

She was a seductress.

Ye Shengge smiled and dragged him to the bed.

Ji Shiting didnt reject her.

He had to admit that he was looking forward to how far this woman could take the initiative, so he lay on the bed cooperatively when she pushed him.

The woman climbed up and sat on him.

She then bent down and looked at him with a smile.

Her long hair swept across his face, giving him a slight touch.

Ji Shiting swallowed hard and grabbed her waist, unable to control his urges.

“Is that how you got me” He said.

“No way.

You were the one who fell for me, so you tried to get me.” Her voice was soft, and her smile was gentle.

It was as if she was satisfied just looking at him.

Ji Shiting raised an eyebrow.

Ye Shengge humphed coldly and kissed his lips.

She kissed him seriously for a while and felt his lips heating up.

She then stuck her tongue in.

Ji Shitings breathing became heavier.

He parted his lips and took her in.

His body seemed to have its own memories, and it heated up because of her teasing.

The man grabbed the back of her head and deepened the kiss.

He sucked on her lips greedily, stealing her sweetness as if he was a traveler who had walked in the desert for too long, desperate for a water source that belonged to him.

The sound of their lips and tongue intertwining was clear and ambiguous.

The woman seemed to be finding it difficult to take it and let out a hoarse and weak moan, which made the man more excited.

He kissed her deeper, and he couldnt help holding her face with his other hand, making it easier for him to ravage her.

However, he suddenly heard a soft whimper.

The womans burning tears fell on his face, waking him up.

He took a deep breath and let go of her lips, only to find that the woman was crying uncontrollably.

“Ye Shengge.” He called her name, looking helpless.

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