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Chapter 886: Serves You Right

“I knew it!” Gu Yimo slapped the desk and looked at Ji Shiting.

“You finally came back, but instead of accompanying Ye Shengge, you order me around like a servant every day.

Serves you right for being made a cuckold!”

Ji Shiting shot him a cold glance and looked at Qiao Yanze.

“Are you sure”

“Of course not.

This isnt the first time Shengge has eaten here with a man.” Qiao Yanze smiled and said ambiguously.

This restaurant was owned by Fengqiao Corporation, and it served superb local specialty dishes.

Ye Shengge often came here when she invited partners to meals, so Qiao Yanze wasnt surprised to see Ye Shengge.

He just couldnt help wanting to agitate that man.

Ji Shiting said coldly, “That should be T.S.

Corporations partner.”

“Its Mr.

York from Wale Corporation.

Hes very interested in sister-in-law.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have been so eager to cooperate with T.S.

Corporation and fly to Yang City.” Qiao Yanze chuckled.

“Hes really a handsome Caucasian man.

Hes not even forty yet.

There are photos of him online.

You can take a look.”

Ji Shiting sneered, “Childish.”

Qiao Yanze shook his head and said, “Since you dont care, I have nothing to say.”

Before long, the manager came to serve the food.

Ji Shiting put down his chopsticks and stood up, “You guys go ahead.”

He then turned around and walked out.

Qiao Yanze raised an eyebrow.

“Where are you going”

Ji Shiting ignored him and left the room.

Qiao Yanze and Gu Yimo looked at each other and sneered, “I thought he really didnt care…”

In the room opposite, Ye Shengge was introducing Mr.

Yorks signature dishes to him in English.


York was indeed as Qiao Yanze had said.

He was a handsome blond man, and he was considered young in the company.

He was wearing a suit, and it was obvious that he usually worked out.

He was chatting with Ye Shengge with interest, and the light in his green eyes showed how much he liked Ye Shengge.

Ye Shengge could feel that he liked her.

In fact, she had met many partners who were interested in her in the past three years.

Sometimes, she didnt mind using the other partys good impression of her to negotiate the business, but it required strategy.

It wasnt easy to grasp the boundaries, so unless necessary, she would draw the line as far as possible and not let the other party misunderstand.

Halfway through the meal, Mr.

York smiled and said, “I cant help gasping in admiration every time I see Ms.


Youre so young and beautiful.”

“I prefer being called Mr.

Ji.” Ye Shengge smiled.

“Actually, being the CEO of T.S.

Corporation isnt a good thing.

What do you think”


York smiled and said, “Sure, but theres no harm in being young and beautiful, right For example, I might never be able to be say no to you.”

“Does that mean you wont say no to me if I want you to give me two percent” Ye Shengge said jokingly.

“Oh.” Mr.

York pretended to be hurt as he held his chest.

“You wont be so cruel to me, right”

Ye Shengge smiled.

Just as the atmosphere was harmonious, the door of the room was pushed open.

Ye Shengge thought the waiter was here to serve the food, so she didnt notice it until he walked to her side.

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