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Xie Siqi recalled the empty plate she had seen in the study room and smiled.

It was probably a cold shower in the bathroom.

She took off her jacket and threw it on the chair, walked to the bathroom door and twisted it, but she didnt open it.

Xie Siqi took a deep breath and walked to the side and waited quietly.

After a while, the water stopped flowing, and then a man walked out.

He was drying his hair with a towel, so he didnt notice Xie Siqi and continued on.

The man only had a towel wrapped around his waist, showing his muscular upper body.

The muscles on his arms and back were all tense because he was drying his hair and he looked very strong.

Xie Siqi blushed, took a deep breath, rushed over and hugged the mans waist.

The hard and smooth touch on her palm made her heart pound fast.

“Shiting…” She said something that she had prepared for a long time, and she pressed her lips against the mans back.

“I feel terrible.

I might have been drugged… Please help me…”

The man wasnt surprised by her appearance at all.

She suddenly heard the man scoff, then grabbed her hands and pried them loose.

“No!” Xie Siqi clenched her fists again.

“I really feel terrible.

Can you help me”

“Im afraid I wont be able to help you, Ms.

Xie.” The man finally opened his mouth and said in a teasing manner.

Xie Siqi screamed and let him go while backing off several paces.

The man turned around and smiled at her, “Sorry to disappoint you.”

“You… Qiao Yanze” Xie Siqis face paled, and her gentle voice turned sharp.

“Why is it you This is Shitings room!”

“Thats right.” Qiao Yanze continued to wipe his hair with a towel.

“I didnt want to stay in the guest room, so I took his room.”

Xie Siqis lips twitched as she realized something.

“Are… are you okay”

The teasing look in Qiao Yanzes eyes got deeper.

“Whats the matter”

Xie Siqi couldnt be bothered to pretend anymore.

“I saw you guys drinking those drinks.”

“Oh, Uncle Jin gave us the wine.” Qiao Yanze lifted his eyebrows and smiled.

“Sorry for letting you down.”

Xie Siqis face paled.

“Wheres Shiting” She asked.

“I dont know.

This is his home.

Arent you worried that he wont have a place to sleep” Qiao Yanze threw the towel aside and smiled.


Xie, I didnt expect you to barge into Shitings room.

You said you were drugged… Ha, I reckon so too.

Furthermore, this drug seems strong.”

Xie Siqi felt dizzy hearing this sarcasm.

If she missed this chance, she might not be able to do it again.

She knew how cautious Ji Shiting was of her just that he had no evidence in the past.

Now that Qiao Yanze was a witness, it might be difficult for her to get into the Ji family again.

“Dont tell anyone!” Xie Siqi suddenly said.

“Qiao Yanze, I can help you if you dont tell Shiting.”

“Really” Qiao Yanze eyed her lazily.


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