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Chapter 906: His Hot Body Is Harder to Control

Soon, her footsteps disappeared from the bedroom.

Ji Shiting was still smiling.

The father of their children.

That term seemed to have some magic that made his heart burn.

He recalled the soft bodies and innocent smiles of the two children again, and he wanted to hug and kiss them immediately.

At that time, he had been wondering what his and Shengges children would be like but he hadnt expected those two kids to be his and Shengges children.

This was indeed a huge surprise.

He still didnt feel real until now, and he couldnt sleep at all.

He didnt know whether Ye Shengge was asleep or not.

He had been in Summer City when he saw the womans name on the news.

Although he had guessed her relationship with him, he had never expected her to be such a person.

His heart heated up as he recalled how the woman had hugged him or choked him.

At this moment, he finally had a complete understanding of her, and perhaps, she could bring him more surprises.

Ji Shiting suddenly sat up from the sofa.

He didnt know whether it was his imagination, but the womans fragrance still lingered in the air, which made him unable to control his burning body.

He swallowed hard and walked to the bedroom.

Ye Shengge finally fell asleep after returning to the bedroom.

However, after some time, she felt a chill as if someone had lifted her blanket and taken off her robe.

Then, a burning kiss landed on her face.

She couldnt help moaning and pushing, but her hands were grabbed.

Soon, she felt someone sucking her fingers, and the warm and wet feeling gave her a strange stimulation.

Ye Shengge couldnt help snorting and wanting to ask him to stop, but her sleepy body couldnt move at all, and she couldnt speak.

After that, he started to kiss her body.

Hot and wet kisses spread from her neck to her shoulders, from her chest to her back.

She whimpered, and the familiar urge started to gather in her belly, completely disrupting her breathing.

It felt like a dream, but it was more real than a dream.

When her lips were kissed, she finally woke up from her sleep.

It was still pitch-black in front of her, but the mans burning palm and heavy breathing were gradually becoming clearer, assaulting her senses.

She was dazed for a moment but she finally understood what had happened.

“Mm…” She struggled, but the man grabbed her hands tightly.

“Shh…” The man let go of her lips and breathed.

“Youre awake”

Ye Shengge blushed and snapped angrily in disbelief, “Ji Shiting!”

However, even she was shocked when she opened her mouth.

She thought she was yelling at him, but in reality, her voice wasnt much better than a cats.

It was hoarse, blurry, and indescribably seductive.

“Its me.” He smiled.

“Are you comfortable”

He kissed her for a long time, and the woman kept moaning, but her voice stimulated him greatly.

He had never felt so impulsive and eager before.

He had to get rid of that woman today no matter what.

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