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Chapter 914: Keep To Your Word, Dad!

The two kids eyes widened.

They looked at each other again and exchanged information.

[Dad seems to know.]

[Why else did he come back in Moms car Mom mustve told him.]

[Then lets…]

After the conversation, they yelled, “Dad!”

Ji Shiting hugged them tightly.

“Jinchen, Jinqing.” His voice was hoarse.

“Im back.


Ye Shengge had left the driver and car with him in the afternoon, so he could enter without attracting anyones attention.

He was supposed to wait until nighttime but he didnt want to wait another minute.

However, he hadnt expected to see the two kids guarding the door as soon as he got out of the car.

Even if they werent looking forward to him, it was enough to make his heart pound.

The two kids lay on Ji Shitings shoulders, blinked, and started to sob.

Ji Shiting was dazed for a while before he realized that the two kids were crying.

“Whats wrong” He was almost at a loss.

He saw how they were trying to suppress their sadness, and his heart ached.

“Tell Dad whats wrong.

Dont cry.”

“Dad, Brother and I thought… We thought you didnt want us anymore,” Qinger sobbed.

“Why would I” Ji Shiting felt like his heart was being stabbed.

“I… Something happened that held me back until now.

I love you all so much, so why would I not want you”

“Dad…” Jinchen called out.

“Are you not leaving after you come back”

Ji Shiting swallowed hard as he recalled the address he had seen from Gu Yimo.

However, he made up his mind upon seeing the two kids bloodshot eyes.

“Of course.” He nodded.

“I will be home with you.”

Jinqing sniffed and said, “Dad, you keep your word.”

“Mm.” Ji Shiting stroked his daughters face and said.

“I promise you.”

The two kids got a satisfactory answer and wrapped their arms around his neck.

“Stop crying, okay” Ji Shiting said gently.

Jinchen rubbed his eyes and said, “Im not crying.

Im infected by my sister.”

Jinqing made a face at him and said, “No way.

You infected me.”

“Sister, its not embarrassing to cry.

How can you lie” Jinchen said seriously.

“Youre the one who refuses to admit it.” Jinqing wrinkled her nose.

“Please be reasonable, Dad.”

Ji Shitings heart softened upon hearing their childish argument.

“I was wrong.” He smiled.

“None of you cried.”

The two of them grinned widely.

Ji Shiting carried them in and saw a middle-aged maid with tears on her face.

He immediately realized that this was theSister Xiu Shengge had mentioned.

He mouthed her name.

Sister Xiu burst into tears and said, “Young Master, its really you.

I almost thought I was dreaming! Oh my god! This is really… Wonderful! Does Young Madam know Does Grandpa know I… Ill call them now.”

“Shengge already knows.

Shell be back soon.

Ill contact grandpa immediately,” Ji Shiting said.

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