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Chapter 934: Your Father Is My Old flame

“Lets go, Mr.

Ji, Mrs.

Ji,” Madam Hua interrupted them with a smile.

Ji Shiting ignored her and looked at Xiao Ruilang.

“Havent you been cheated by Jing Zhiyuan enough Are you happy with this outcome”

Xiao Ruilang frowned and smiled, “I didnt do it on purpose.

Sorry, Brother Shiting.”

He then turned around and walked toward the door.

Madam Hua didnt stop him.

After Xiao Ruilang left, she looked at the elevator and said, “Come on.

Weve been waiting for you two for a long time.”

Ji Shiting shot her a cold glance and walked into the elevator with Ye Shengge in his arms.

Madam Hua and her bodyguards followed closely behind.

Ji Shiting saw Madam Hua press three levels and looked at Ye Shengge.

The woman was still holding his waist tightly, looking like she was about to cry.

He stroked her hair and said, “Dont be afraid.”

Madam Hua crossed her arms and said, “Mr.

Ji, logically speaking, you should have at least lost your memory.”

“At least” The man shot her a cold glance.

“What else should have happened to me besides amnesia”

Madam Hua didnt say anything.

“You said I was your target too.” Ye Shengge looked up at her while she was in Ji Shitings arms.

“What do you mean”

Madam Hua chuckled and said, “Youll know later.”

Only certain people could enter the third floor of the banquet hall.

Ye Shengge was shocked to see the high-tech white hallway when she walked out of the elevator.

She couldnt help exchanging glances with Ji Shiting.


Ji, I reckon you mustve guessed most of it.

Otherwise, you wouldnt have hidden your tracks so carefully.” Madam Hua walked into the elevator and said.

“Let me introduce myself.

My name is Hua Cheng, and on the surface, Im the boss of Night Banquet.”

On the surface.

“Whos the actual boss of Night Banquet Is it Jing Zhiyuan” Ji Shiting walked out with Ye Shengge in his arms.

At the same time, he looked around.

This was undoubtedly a huge research institute.

Gu Yimos simple research institute couldnt be compared to this place.

“Heh heh, everything youre seeing now is because of him.” Hua Cheng smiled.

“Speaking of which, you and I are fated.

Your father is my old flame.”

She then sounded fierce.

Ji Shiting frowned and said, “Please elaborate.”

“Its all thanks to him that you were targeted.” Hua Cheng suddenly stopped in her tracks and looked at him.

“Your father was a rare handsome man when he was young.

His face was still fine back then, and he was knowledgeable and romantic.

I really liked him, but unfortunately…”

She sighed.

“Did he betray you” Ji Shiting said calmly.

“Thats right.

He refused to stay with me and insisted on leaving.

How could I stand it” Hua Cheng said sweetly.

“Thats why I introduced him to Jing Zhiyuan.

Jing Zhiyuans wife died early and he never remarried.

It wasnt because he was loyal, but because he started to fancy men.”

Ye Shengge took a deep breath and subconsciously looked at Ji Shiting.

Ji Shitings face twitched.

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